What "the Big Bang Theory" Can Teach You About Writing for Your Brand

by Kimberly Bordonaro February 25th, 2013 



Anna's exclamation caught me off-guard as we entered the Warner Brother's "Television Out of the Box" exhibit at the Paley Center for Media. She pointed towards an over-sized mug in the gift shop.

The Big Bang Theory.

We explored the exhibit of pop-cultural costume and set displays like Seinfeld, Friends, and Dallas. When we got to the Big Bang Theory, I was curious. What was all the hype about? Anna told me a bit more about the story lines.

Later that evening, I paused when I saw a commercial for the show. Soon enough, I found myself watching my first episode.

Now, I'm hooked.

And here I am, on a website that has nothing to do with television shows, telling you about it. Oh, and how to write for your brand.

Have I lost my mind? What on earth does this story have to do content creation or personal branding?

As Sheldon's character would say, "I'm not insane, my mother had me tested."

Read on

Creating Content with Purpose

Every reputable marketer tells you that writing content is the key to building your brand. You get it. You need to write.

But what do you write about?

How to you write content that enhances your brand?

And seriously, what does the Big Bang Theory have to do with all of this?

In a roundabout way, my story just walked you through a typical buyer's purchase cycle.

Check it out:

  • I discovered the show through Anna's exclamation, "Bazinga!"
  • I considered watching the show when viewing the exhibit's display and hearing about the plot and characters.
  • I evaluated if watching the show was worth my time when I watched the promo commercial.
  • The show itself was awesome, and I decided that I liked it.
  • Finally, I advocated The Big Bang Theory with this article - and I'll probably re-purchase the show by buying that mug.

Each touch-point pushed me towards "buying" the show. That's what your writing must do, too.

Here are a few basic examples of content you should be writing to enhance your audience's experience when "purchasing" your brand.

Brand Content Ideas

Next Steps:

Get off couch; it's time to put this post into action. Here's how:

  1. Take inventory of your current content. Are you hitting all purchase cycle points?
  2. Ask yourself, what 5 or 10 questions come up during each stage. What types of content and subject matters will address these issues?
  3. Write (or re-write) your content with purpose.

Your turn tell us what type of content are you writing this week to enhance your brand's experience?

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2 Responses to “What "the Big Bang Theory" Can Teach You About Writing for Your Brand”

  1. Katrin says:

    I think I'm going to focus on topics about healthy living, because I've just decided to make some relevant changes in my lifestyle. There are honestly the new year's resolutions of mine, but now I really feel the power to realize them all :)

  2. Murdo Guy says:

    I initially got confused on the relevance of the show as you've mentioned. I was expecting to read on what you're getting at on the 1st, 2nd or even 3rd paragraph..but yes you got me hooked 'til the end..curiosity got the better of me to read on what you're trying to impart and yes, you're able to make your point. The analogy worked.