Twitter For Small Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Brittney Dudar November 9th, 2012 

With Over 140,000,000 active users sending 340,000,000 tweets a day (750 tweets per second!), small businesses should be looking to use twitter for engaging with their target markets to increase branding, traffic and sales. We put together an infographic highlighting some of the reasons why it's particularly important for small businesses to be on Twitter, along with some tips and best practices in optimizing your Twitter efforts.

Here are some of the highlights from our Infographic:

  • 37% of Twitter users will purchase from a brand they follow! Tweet This Stat!
  • 79% of Twitter users are likely to recommend brands they follow! Tweet This Stat!
  • Twitter handles 24 billion search queries per month (more than Bing & Yahoo combined!) Tweet This Stat!
  • 40% of Twitter users rarely post anything - they just consume content! Tweet This Stat!
  • B2B tweets that contain hashtags have 193% more clicks! Tweet This Stat!
  • 67% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from the brands they follow on Twitter! Tweet This Stat!
  • 663% increase of Twitter users asking for business recommendations in the last 2 years! Tweet This Stat!
  • 33% of people on Twitter follow a brand! Tweet This Stat!
  • Twitter users are nearly 5x more likely to share stories than Facebook users! Tweet This Stat!
  • 70% of Small Businesses are on Twitter! Tweet This Stat!

Stats about Twitter

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Over 70% of Small Businesses are on Twitter... are you? What successes has your business had so far with Twitter?

Brittney Dudar

Brittney is a Google AdWords Certified Paid Search Specialist on the PPC team at Search Engine People. Brittney is passionate about digital media, blogging, philanthropy, music and fashion.


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8 Responses to “Twitter For Small Business [INFOGRAPHIC]”

  1. Rhett Dail says:

    Brittney, I always knew that Twitter had a huge following, but I never knew how large it really was. The statistics you listed here made my jaw hit the floor. It's staggering to know that Twitter handles more search queries than being and Yahoo combined. How amazing is that! As a plain Jane user, Twitter just looks like an average website with very little going on, little did I know how incredibly huge it really is. This post was a real eye-opener and I'll be referring to it as I do my Internet marketing campaigns. Thanks for doing such great research and providing this information.

    • Hi Rhett, thank you for reading! I was surprised myself while doing this research – the numbers really are intriguing. It definitely takes time and dedication to build up a company twitter account with engaged followers and valuable content, and it can be tough for some small businesses to make the case for Twitter, but the pay-off in brand awareness, traffic and loyalty is invaluable. Thanks again for reading!

  2. What is the original source (not sites referencing stats) for your "small business" 70% small businesses are on twitter.

    Two recent surveys – VerticalResponse: 93% under 100 employees SMB Group: 24-99 e/e, SMB Group: 100-999 employees.

    Twitter: 69% vs.12% vs.19%

  3. Hi Maureen – thank you for reading! The original source of the stat "70% of small businesses are on Twitter" is from a recent post & infographic done by Vertical Response, which I see that you are familiar with! I just read your post on the different survey results you've come across – very interesting stuff, and good to keep in mind when coming across different data. Thanks again for reading!

  4. Javi says:

    Twitter has a lot of potential, as is quite evident from that great infographic. And with the advent and popularity of social media management tools such as HootSuite – which allow you to manage multiple social media accounts, send out updates to one or all of them, and schedule updates – I don't see a reason why people should not have twitter on top of their priority lists when it comes to advertisement, exposure, driving sales, and getting the word out.

  5. Brittney Dudar says:

    Hi Javi – thanks for reading. I couldn't agree with you more. There are a number of tools like HootSuite and Buffer that make sharing content and updates about your business almost effortless across multiple social profiles. It takes some time to initially learn what's out there and how to utilize it for your business' marketing efforts, but once you learn the ropes, it's convenient, quick and easy to maximize your brand's presence. Thanks again for reading!

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  7. […] infographic was put together by the Search Engine People team and first published on their blog in early […]