New Site Launch Audits

What is a Website Transition Audit?

Making a big change to your website or launching a brand new one can be exciting. However, it can also be incredibly detrimental to your SEO efforts if not done properly. A Site Launch Audit is like an insurance policy for your website – to ensure your site is SEO-friendly upon launch.

If you haven’t prepared well for your new website launch or transition, recovering your lost rankings, traffic, sales and ultimately lost revenue can be a difficult process. This is why it’s essential that you consult with an SEO expert before you make any changes to create a transition plan.

How Does SEP’s Transition Audit Work?

Search Engine People is proud to offer unique Site Transition Audits for SMB websites as well as Enterprise level or larger sites of more than 500 pages. Large or small, we handle sites of all sizes with the same careful attention to detail.

The SEP team will start by reviewing your plan for a site launch or site changes, offer SEO best practices advice for your developers and explain our website launch checklist, perform a pre-launch SEO audit, and upon launching, perform a post-launch audit to ensure there are no outstanding issues.

Benefits of a Site Launch Audit

Acts as an insurance policy for those making major changes to their website or who are launching a new site.

  • Preserves the SEO investment you’ve already put into your website.
  • Makes sure that all old URLs are properly redirected to new URLs and meta tags are moved to your new pages so that the traffic and rankings of those pages is not lost.
  • Increase the chances of a brand new site ranking well in search engines.
  • Develop the SEO capabilities of your in-house web development team.
  • Get industry-leading SEO knowledge that can be applied to your website going forward.

If you are planning on launching a new website for your business, or are thinking about revamping your existing site, get in touch with Search Engine People to discuss how to best manage the transition without impact on your business operations or site rankings.




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