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If you're looking for new and advanced ways to market yourself to potential clients and connect better with your target demographics, consider a programmatic display advertising campaign. This advertising technique may sound new to you, but you have most likely been affected by it already in the course of your web browsing history. Our team at Search Engine People have an in-depth understanding of this display advertising system and will help you run a successful programmatic display advertising campaign. This system will display your ads to audiences you may have never considered, and bring your site digital traffic like never before.

What is Programmatic Display Advertising?

Programmatic advertising, or programmatic display, is a modern upgrade to online display advertising. This system allows businesses or marketing agencies to automatically buy space for display advertisements and uses industry rules and algorithms to determine when and where to display these ads. By using data received from your target markets, programmatic advertising is able to target certain demographics by their needs and interests and advertise to them regardless of the webpage they're on. This allows your company to reach out to potential clients even if they are not directly searching your keywords, and have your ads viewed more frequently.

How Will Programmatic Display Advertising Help You?

Given that programmatic display advertising uses certain industry rules and algorithms to display your ads to a demographic market that demonstrates interest or need for your business, you are able to reach a large base of new potential clients. These audiences do not need to be directly searching for you to find you, which means you can connect to people who may have never heard of or considered you before. Programmatic advertising is also generally more cost-effective than other advertising strategies, which will give you a better ROI. This is because you are not just buying ad space and hoping that viewers will see you, but you are able to specifically target audiences and their routines to determine display times.

Want to learn more about our programmatic advertising expertise? Contact us today and let us find you more new and potential customers than ever before!

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In compliance with Ontario’s non-essential business closure our physical offices are closed until further notice. Fortunately our willingness to adopt work from home and the required technology over the past two years has allowed us to continue our operations without impact. For our valued clients and partners you can expect the same great level of service and execution you have become accustomed to.

Many clients/prospects have reached out to us in an effort to introduce new campaigns as quickly as possible. In an effort to help our clients pivot we have increased our campaign build capacity. We are now able to turn new campaigns over in 2-3 business days opposed to the typical 5-7 business day turnaround time. Please note that campaign launch approvals from the vendor side (Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram etc.) may be delayed as those companies migrate to work from home.

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