13 Interesting Stats About Sphinn

by Jeff Quipp October 25th, 2007 

When I was writing my piece on "Search and the Pareto Principle" (aka the 20/80 Rule) last week, I was playing around with Sphinn (a Digg types news submission and sharing service for those in the SEO/SEM/SMM industry) and found some really interesting information that I thought might be worthwhile sharing.

Sphinn Homepage Screenshot

Here are some of the findings as of yesterday:

1) there were 4371 profiles on Sphinn ... that's a large number of people engaging in seo/sem/smm to one degree or another

2) 6965 submissions have been approved.
3) 25 Sphinners are responsible for 24% of the submissions to date
4) 3154 profiles have never made a submission
5) 930 profiles have submitted 5 or fewer submissions

6) 13,697 comments made (almost 2 per story ... wow!)
7) the top 25 commenters contribute 40% of all comments

Sphinns Cast:
8 ) 66,579 Sphinns cast to date (9.5 per story)
9) 1985 profiles have never cast a Sphinn
10) 25 Sphinners have cast 18% of the Sphinns ... interesting if you need to seed a submission

Gone Hots:
11) 1180 submissions have gone hot
12) only 269 Sphinners have had a story 'Go Hot'
13) 25 profiles are responsible for 51% of submissions that have gone hot

Interesting stuff huh! Sphinn has come a long way in a short time.

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4 Responses to “13 Interesting Stats About Sphinn”

  1. Jason Falls says:

    Great stats, Jeff, and very interesting. I'm sure the engagement of this site is largely the result of the fact it is populated by engagers. SMO, SEO and Social Media folks are going to participate because they know the value of it.

    So now we just have to go out there and find clients who want to targed us and we've found our avenue! Heh.

  2. Wow yes that is interesting stuff indeed. I classify myself as a relative newcomer to Sphinn but its still amazing how many people sign up to things and simply never use them at all.

  3. Lisa Mills says:

    Just saw the Spinn logo today and was wondering what it was all about. Finding your article was serendipity. Thanks.

  4. jim says:


    I knew of Spinn but have never used it. I may well even have a profile there!

    And I agree it's amazing that people sign up and don't use stuff. However, I suspect it's the very nature of the Internet – sign up and surf to the next interesting thing.