When I was writing my piece on "Search and the Pareto Principle" (aka the 20/80 Rule) last week, I was playing around with Sphinn (a Digg types news submission and sharing service for those in the SEO/SEM/SMM industry) and found some really interesting information that I thought might be worthwhile sharing.

Sphinn Homepage Screenshot

Here are some of the findings as of yesterday:

1) there were 4371 profiles on Sphinn ... that's a large number of people engaging in seo/sem/smm to one degree or another

2) 6965 submissions have been approved.
3) 25 Sphinners are responsible for 24% of the submissions to date
4) 3154 profiles have never made a submission
5) 930 profiles have submitted 5 or fewer submissions

6) 13,697 comments made (almost 2 per story ... wow!)
7) the top 25 commenters contribute 40% of all comments

Sphinns Cast:
8 ) 66,579 Sphinns cast to date (9.5 per story)
9) 1985 profiles have never cast a Sphinn
10) 25 Sphinners have cast 18% of the Sphinns ... interesting if you need to seed a submission

Gone Hots:
11) 1180 submissions have gone hot
12) only 269 Sphinners have had a story 'Go Hot'
13) 25 profiles are responsible for 51% of submissions that have gone hot

Interesting stuff huh! Sphinn has come a long way in a short time.