Your 12 Step Social Strategy Blueprint

Not Your Grandma's Social Strategy Blueprint!

At first small business owners and entrepreneurs may be a bit intimidated by social media. They know they need to be utilizing social media, they may know a few reasons why, but at first, it's [...]

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Common Name Personal Branding

If you search my name on Google, you'll find a lot of "me". Brian Farrell is a CEO, an Attorney, an Artist, a Coroner and a Professor. And then there's me, and many others. With 7 billion people and counting, [...]

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Mastering The Art Of International SEO

Multi-million dollar international advertising campaigns are now a thing of the past if you want to go global. You can now reach new markets with ease in a low-cost and risk-free fashion.

Although English remains the "global language", less than 30% [...]

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4 Keyword Research Mistakes That Can Sink Your SEO Campaign

Keyword research is one of the cornerstones of any SEO campaign. The keywords your select will determine what kind of search results your website will ultimately rank for and what kind of traffic your site will be sent from the [...]

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Pinterest vs. Instagram for Your Brand

40% of people respond better to visual information than text. (source: HubSpot) Pinterest and Instagram contribute to a significant amount of people getting visual. When it comes to utilizing these tools in your business' marketing strategy, which one should you [...]

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Three Key Secrets To A Successful Branding Campaign

As anyone in marketing or business knows, branding can make or break you.

You can have an amazing product, all the money in the world, and the best promoters in the world; but if you cant get across what your company [...]

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5 Steps To Start Sending Social Signals for your SEO Campaign

The last few years have seen many new changes in the way Google views and calculates SERPS (search engine results page). From Panda to Penguin, it seems the "Big G" is destined to make life for internet marketers that much [...]

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7 Types of Content To Get You Started on Pinterest

Riding on the wave of image based social media sites Pinterest has captured our attention. Some times it's a marketers best friend. It can drive product awareness, sales, traffic and even links. At others...it can be the most confusing part [...]

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Google Is Not Fair, But Neither Is Life

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I'm desperate, I don't know what to do!"

A good friend messaged me on Skype during work hours, something I usually ignore. This time I had to give in, because I knew his pain. Google updates have been [...]

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11 Ways to Make Your Content Shareable in Social Media

Having something go viral or not is out of your control. But getting the ball rolling by making sure people WANT to share your material? That's easy. Here's exactly how.
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