Endless tools abound online for businesses to market themselves. However, in order to leverage social media for business properly, its necessary to pay attention to more than just your business posting activity. Social media for business is all about driving business and building connections to your organization. Therefore, its equally as important, especially when you begin working with a social media platform, to take the time to evaluate how your audience is responding to and interacting with what you post. Although there are a multitude of programs a business can and should leverage in order to track its vital statistics on the various social media platforms, it can be a good idea to use a program called Klout to get an overall understanding of your influence.

The aim of Klout is to assess how successful a person or business is at driving action with those who read its content. The success can be measured a multitude of ways on the various social media platforms which Klout assesses. For example, Klout may interpret the following actions on Facebook to be a sign your business is influential on the platform:

  • Likes and Comments on posts
  • Subscribers to your updates
  • Individuals posting to your wall

These items are just a sampling of all the actions an individual can take on a Facebook page, and therefore, only a few Klout assesses when making its determination of how well an organization is influencing its followers. When using social media for business, a program like Klout is very instructive for an organization as it provides a target for the organization to strive towards. Although there is still a subjective nature to Klout, if a business doesnt like its score, its possible for the organization to take a very methodical approach to assessing how it can improve it. This approach would involve an assessment of how individuals are responding to content on each of the platforms it is on tracked by Klout. During a review, it would be beneficial for an organization to review each of the social media for business criteria Klout looks at. Ultimately, what an organization discovers can be very beneficial to an organization and shape how it posts on each platform in order to drive action by its audience members.

A potential strength of using Klout to assess how well an organization is engaging its customers is that Klout encourages an organization to focus on how it is eliciting a response from those to which it is connected and not just put out more content in a hope additional content will resonate with followers. In essence, Klout rewards an organization for continually looking for ways to encourage followers to respond and interact rather than just make sure regular content is posted to the platforms.

Ultimately, Klout is one of several tools a business should use as it seeks to continually improve how it is reaching and driving action with its followers. No one tool will provide the total overall picture of how an organization is performing, but Klout provides some key information and drives a solid approach to social media for business.

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