3 Free Tools For Pimping Out Your Blog Posts

by Wayne Barker May 21st, 2012 

It is increasing difficult to stand out from the crowd and when it comes to blogging you can be sure that there are plenty of other businesses in your niche that are clamouring for the traffic, social shares and potential customers.

So how do you stand out?

Pimp out those blog posts! Make them exciting, make people want to share them, make people want to subscribe to your newsletter...make people want to come back to your site rather than a competitors.

With this in mind I am going to show you three great (and free) tools for pimping out those blog posts and making you traffic more than a one hit wonder

Create Interactive Graphs Based On Your Data

Use: http://infogr.am

Got some cool data to share with your readers? Sign up with infogr.am and you can quickly and easily turn it into an interactive graph that you can embed on your site.

What will it look like?

How did I do it?

It's all simple stuff - I signed up for an account using my twitter account, uploaded my data that I had collected as a csv and then edited the graph so that I was happy with it. Bingo!

Best feature?

The fact that you can have this up and running and embedded on your website in minutes. If you have data collected already that you can use this is a great way to present it.

Create Interactive Timelines

Use: http://www.dipity.com

What will it look like?

How did I do it?

In a similar fashion to the example above I collected the data that I needed (in this case for a Google Timeline - but you can make much more simple versions that take a lot less time!!). Played around with colours, the zoom and added text and pictures until I was happy with it. Another easy way to create something that will set you apart form the competition.

Best feature?

The flexibility in how you present your timeline - adding photos, links and as much or little detail as you want.

Create Interactive Videos

Use: http://www.viewbix.com

What will it look like?

How did I do it?

Took one of of our videos from our YouTube channel (the service allows several other options as well) and then when through their four step process (1. Add video, 2. Add branding, 3. Add Apps, 4. Publish) to create the video above. Simply embed on your site and hey presto! Alternatively you can give these videos away to relevant sites in your niche (or partner sites) and people have quick access to get to the content that you want them to.

Best feature?

The wide range of apps that are available that make these videos so flexible (info, rss, twitter, maps, coupons, eBay, Flickr, Facebook, iContact, Mailchimp, Picassa, QR codes, Scribd, Skype, SlideShare can all be added as apps - with other more general ones as well).

Google has made it obvious recently (after saying it for years) that content that sings will help you win in the search rankings - if your content is the best that you can make it then you deserve a place at the top of the search results.

Wayne Barker

I work for Boom Online - an Online Marketing and SEO company based in Nottingham, England.

Boom Online

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6 Responses to “3 Free Tools For Pimping Out Your Blog Posts”

  1. Hank Baxter says:

    That interactive bar graph is totally cool. Content that sings can go viral!

    • Wayne Barker says:

      Hi Hank,

      Thanks for the comment! I love the graph too! There are loads of tools for creating graphs but if you want some quick and easy to help you illustrate a point in your blog posts I don't think you can go far wrong with this one.

  2. Leo says:

    The interactive timelines thing is brilliant, and just what I was looking for one of my own blogs. Cheers!

    • Wayne Barker says:

      Hi Leo,

      Glad I could be of assistance. Dipity is a great tool (although it does take a while to load sometimes). I suggest that you place the timeline lower down in the post so that it gets time to load up whilst your readers are looking over the other cool stuff in your post!

  3. Sindi says:

    Incredible! I really like that interactive Timeline, I had been thinking about the same concept after facebook's timeline has appeared. It's not an accident that the Panda update has got a big and significant position on your timeline:)

    • Wayne Barker says:

      Hi Sindi,

      Yeah I guess the Panda had got quite a big picture to accompany it!! I just need to update the timeline now to include an even bigger picture of a Penguin!!