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How To Calculate Multi-Touch Attribution For Social

Social media exists across your lead lifecycle. It's a first-touch acquisition source, a last-touch conversion point, and of course, an influential part of the buyer's journey. People hear about a new brand from their friends on social media, learn [...]

8 Common Conversion Optimization Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes - whether it's in marketing or in our daily interactions with other people. Even if you're a seasoned marketer, there are a number of conversion optimization mistakes you could be making. In this post, I'll outline some [...]

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The Impact Of Segmentation On Conversions – Handy Guide For Marketers

Personalization and segmentation are the current marketing trends that are enabling marketers to reach only the interested consumer in order to increase the chances of conversions.

Unbounce rightly says, Try to appeal to everyone and you'll appeal to no [...]

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How To Create A Conversion Centered Keyword Strategy


Every strategist who has at least a year's worth of experience has been responsible for developing a keyphrase strategy, either for their employer or clients.

The general purpose of this deliverable is to identify and map out specific [...]

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13 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools Compared

Conversion rates are popular figures used in online marketing to analyze the percentage of users taking a desired action. In simple terms, a conversion is "the task you want your web visitor to do on your website." This can be [...]

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[Study] Canadian Online Shopping Habits For 2015

The holiday season is here, and at Search Engine People, we’re interested to learn how Canadians shop online for gifts this year -- or if they will shop online at all.

We also want to uncover statistics about the emerging area [...]

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How To Use Product Spotlights To Drive Conversions

What is a Product Spotlight and how do you use it to make more conversions?
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Personalization As Emotional Trigger In Brand Marketing

The average number of business-related emails will touch to at least 140 each day in 2018.

Consumers are already overburdened by the quantity of emails they receive each day and as such personalization is the only way to make your brand [...]

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3 Psychological Tools To Use In Landing Page Design

The human brain is an incredible tool, but it can also be puzzling. For the landing page designer, the human brain presents the greatest challenge as well as the greatest ally.

You might not have thought about how psychology plays into [...]

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How To Be An Ecommerce Conversion Ninja

Retailing online is an experience in itself. It has its own share of unique challenges, and etailers must never forget that it is "conversions" that provides them their bread and butter (and jam). So how can you run an e-business [...]

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