The content marketing scene is brimming with big players. Most of them get noticed soon enough because hungry audience are eager for outstanding content. As a self-proclaimed Aha expert, I enjoy following content marketers who have an edge. To name just a few, I'm hooked on Marie Forleo, Gary Vaynerchuk, and the one and only […]

How To Do Outreach Marketing And Not Get Penalized

by Adrienne Erin December 18th, 2014

In 2014, Google's Sergeant of Webspam Matt Cutts delivered a death wish to guest posting as we once knew it. He declared that guest posting purely to gain links and increase ranking would be penalized. The important takeaway was that guest posting itself would not be penalized, but rather guest posting to solely to gain […]

5 Checkout Mantras to Revitalize Your Retail Business

by Pratik Dholakiya December 1st, 2014

I'm a huge online shopper. Hell, I'm a shopaholic in general, period. But there's something about online shopping that makes it extra special to me. Online shopping is a little like Christmas. Placing an order and waiting with bated breath for your goodies to show up at your doorstep what's not to like about it? […]

How Native Marketing Can Work for Your Business

by Chris Marentis November 23rd, 2014

Native advertising is used by some of the most powerful online social media platforms and websites today. USA Today, Facebook, Forbes, the New York Times, and Twitter all utilize this powerful form of content creation. However, 49 percent of people currently do not know what native advertising is or how to effectively utilize it. Revolutionary […]

How to Master the 4Ps of Content Marketing in 2015

by Heba Hosny November 10th, 2014

How are you planning to align your 2015 content marketing strategy to your overall business objectives? How can you make the most out of your hits and misses in 2014 when crafting your content marketing plan for 2015? What are the key trends of content marketing in 2015 that you need to implement for optimal […]

It was the summer of 1999, and me and my best friend (12 and 13-years old respectively) were huddled around my PC eagerly downloading 30 second, 3 megabyte, grainy video clips of old huts in a wood somewhere in America. Oh, and they took about 20 minutes a piece on my 56k dial-up modem. But […]

Let's face it — very few products actually sell themselves. The majority of products on the market just aren't as exciting as the new iPhone, Beats by Dre, or the 6th Game of Thrones book (which may or may not ever exist). Trust me, I understand — I work for an online test prep company, […]

10 Digital Marketing Certificates to Jumpstart Your Career

by Andy Crestodina August 20th, 2014

A degree in advertising, a beautifully polished LinkedIn profile, glowing recommendation, even years of experience in a traditional marketing role. Is it enough? Probably not. Employers know that the world of marketing has changed. They're looking for evidence that the candidate can do search optimization, social media and Analytics. Like a search engine, they're looking […]

The digital marketing space is evolving quickly; marketing tactics grow and die with every new internet fad. A good example is the recent focus on inbound marketing. The push toward creating more content to support the inbound methodology is causing the space to become flooded, making it increasingly difficult to stand out. Testing and improving […]

A referral is incredibly valuable. The best way to increase referrals is by delighting your current customers. The fringe benefit of delighting customers is that it will help with your retention rate. We can delight our customers via these 3 tools: 1. Email Communication Now that we have the sale it is important that we […]