How Monetizing Your Blog Could Lose You Business

Advertisements Can Drive Away Visitors And Cannibalize Your Business
Placing adverts on the sidebar of your blog seems a good way to earn some extra pounds. But the disadvantages can outweigh the advantages.

We all know that the key to a successful [...]

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16 Must-Know Digital Marketing Stats To Profit From

Over the last 12 months, I sent more than 300 pitches that helped secure over 60 guest posts, which covered everything from viral content to SEO best practices. The goal? To help other digital marketers get a handle on [...]

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How To Turn Your Tutorial Videos Into Marketing

If you've ever gone on YouTube looking for help hooking up your cable, or fixing a leaky sink, or using a complex piece of software, you've probably experienced tutorial fatigue.

Long-winded narrators. Shots that seem to go nowhere. Inexplicable, swooping transitions.

While [...]

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Getting Things Done In A Large Company

Getting things done in a large company can be complicated. It does not matter if you manage just SEO or responsible for the whole site; if you just joined a global company or contracting for one. You will [...]

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3 High Impact Marketing Strategies For Business Growth

Here’s the scenario.

It’s been seven months since you launched your online business yet your monthly sales have been close to nonexistent all this time.

“This is really frustrating,” you say to yourself.

You spent countless hours -- let alone thousands of dollars [...]

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5 Content Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

As a content marketing consultant, I get a lot of questions by companies that want to know what they do wrong with their content marketing efforts.

After all, 70% of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy for a reason.

After [...]

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SEO In Healthcare – How To Capture Millennials

Each year, a new generation of Americans begins their search for a primary care physician. These millions of newly-fledged adults are among the most technology savvy people in the world, having grown up in a culture with a [...]

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4 Sure-shot Ways To Reinvent Your Engagement Funnel

The best marketing funnel models I have come across are the ones that don’t taper at the end – a sale doesn’t bring up the “bofu.” Engagement is an ongoing process, no matter which stage of the journey your [...]

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Making Memes Work For Your Online Marketing

In recent years, Internet memes have become very popular. So much so that they have spilled over from the web into everyday conversation. And just like every widespread social phenomenon, businesses have tried to cash in on memes to promote [...]

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Overcome These 3 Common Product Launch Challenges

You’re planning to launch a new product but you’re so muddled by fear of failure that you end up delaying your launch for months. Either that or you get so distracted by the tiny details that you fail [...]

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