A World Where Browsers Are A Thing Of The Past

Americans spend more time per day on apps that they do on the web - both desktop and mobile combined.
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Q: What URL Should I Use For My Mobile Website? A: Responsive Design

m.whatever; yoursite.mobi; no mobile ... What's a business owner to do? Clear advice on what URL to pick for your mobile site.
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Mobile Must Haves for Local Businesses

But mobiles are increasingly used by your potential customers to find the products and services they want when they’re on the move.
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4 Top SEO Applications for the iPhone

There are a number of applications out there that offer some form of SEO help; obviously some are better than others.

1. SEO Stats

SEO Stats is a great application for [...]

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Apps That Care About Your Opinion!

These apps actually want your opinion. With two of the apps you get to vote to register your opinion. The other two apps use your opinion to deliver quality customized content to you according to your preferences.
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Do I need a mobile site: 10 Question Checklist

Wonder if your company should have a mobile website? These 10 expert questions easily help you determine if you need one or not.
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Things I’ve Learned to Hate About Being on Vacation in Europe

I love vacation and I love Europe. But there's a downside...
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1 in 3 Mobile Phones Is A Smartphone #stats

1 in 3 mobiles now a smartphone
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Do Smarter Business With Your Smartphone

Mobile isn't just new marketing to a new audience; it's also using the new tools for your own business. Here are some ideas.
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Basic Mobile Strategy For Any Small Business [No Problem]

Quick, doable strategic moves to get your business out there before the others finally figure out how to get there.
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