Funny: Humor Can Work In PPC Ads

Should you add humor to your pay-per-click (PPC) ads, or are PPC ads best left as they traditionally are: concise, informative, and with a straightforward, non-humorous call to action?

One side says yes, and another says, not really.

Marketing professors at the [...]

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3 Ways To Kill It With Extended Text Ads (ETAs)

With the recent launch of Extended Text Ads (ETAs) by Google, and the fact that you’ll be unable to add or edit older format ads after October 26th, advertisers need to get on board with ETAs.

ETAs are the new format [...]

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How To Use AdWords Auction Insights in Your Marketing Strategy

When was the last time you reviewed an AdWords Auction Insights report? When you did, was it anything more than a simple export to check who else is on the radar bidding on the same terms as you? [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Ads

Facebook offers display ads that allow marketers to target specific audiences based on their geographical location as well as their personal interests.

Facebook is the biggest social network platform in the world and boasts approximately 1.59 billion [...]

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How Expensive Will The Cost Per Click On My Google Adwords Keywords Eventually Get

If you’ve been an advertiser in AdWords for more than a few months you have likely noticed that over time your cost-per-click (CPC) has increased, even for the same average position on the exact same keywords. This can be a [...]

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How To Use PPC To Boost Content

Every digital marketer desires to conquer the art and science of content marketing and Pay per Click (PPC) advertising to maximise their digital marketing ROI.

A quick Google search returns a page full page of a combination paid ads as well [...]

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How To Use Facebook & Twitter PPC To Build Your Email List

Building your email list is a common goal of virtually all websites, whether an ecommerce store, an industry blog or a brick and mortar store. Email consistently provides one of the highest ROI channels for online marketing, contributing an average [...]

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How To Pick The Best Adwords Format For Your Business

Any marketer new to Google AdWords is probably familiar with one ad-type: text ads that appear in search results.

But text-only ads are far from everything that Adwords has to offer.

Businesses can choose from several [...]

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How To Get Maximum Profit From Your Google Analytics + Adwords Connection


So, you've linked your Google AdWords and Google Analytics Accounts so you can see campaign data in GA. Setting up the link wasn't so bad - but what are you going to get out of it that you couldn't [...]

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3 Ways You Can Use PPC To Boost SEO

Although similar in many ways, paid search and search engine optimization (SEO) are two very different beasts when it comes to digital marketing.

Despite all of the SEO conspiracy theories floating around, there is no correlation between paid [...]

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