Potential customers are searching for solutions to their problems every day and AdWords is the perfect way to get in front of them at the exact moment they're looking. They click your ad, show up on your site and convert into a lead for your sales team. Awesome right? Actually, there are many companies where […]

I'm still amazed whenever I bring up retargeting to new clients and they have no clue what I'm talking about. That's until I follow up with, "you know, the ads that stalk you everywhere you go." Without fail, they know exactly what I'm talking about. If marketers and business owners associate remarketing with stalking, imagine […]

At last tally, Facebook can count over 2 million advertisers among its ranks , and there's no reason to believe that number's going to do anything but increase. The company does what it can to make life easier for advertisers. This year it delivered Facebook Ads Manager as a mobile application for iOS and Android. […]

Co-authored with Kristen Godel. The easiest way to get the best quality scores, click through rates, and highest return of investment from your pay per click campaign is to optimize the setup of your account from the start. Account Structure A well-structured account makes it easy to analyze metrics and determine which keywords are working. […]

Quick, Affordable A/B Testing With PPC

by Robert Brady May 25th, 2015

Making decisions is difficult. The more people involved in that decisions and you have more and more opinions that potentially cloud the decision. Add in that the highest-paid persons opinion (HIPPO for short) carries significantly more weight and you could end up making a poor decision. But what if data could inform your decision? What […]

The 5 Best AdWords CTR Strategies

by Adrian Key May 18th, 2015

Adwords' CTR matters. It's not only a measure of success but can also get you better ad-rates.

Here are 5 of the industry's best CTR strategies.

What You Need To Know About Adwords & The Google Display Network

by Christine Bellefontaine April 23rd, 2015

What Is The GDN? The Google Display Network is a set of millions of Google Owned and non-Owned websites which reaches more than 90% of online Canadian users. It may also include mobile sites and apps, and covers a pretty wide range of demographics and interest categories. While many individual sites may seem obscure or […]

5 Things Successful PPC Managers Do In The Morning

by Robert Brady February 23rd, 2015

Stay consistent. Take predetermined action every day. The habit of frequency fosters both character and almost effortless high quality output.

How To Identify Keywords With Purchase Intent

by Jennifer Blackie February 20th, 2015

Learn to target searches that are less competitive, less broad, but bring in more money by driving qualified traffic to your site.

How To Combine Your PPC & SEO Strategies

by Kristen Godel January 29th, 2015

Many companies are torn between a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC) strategy for their business. SEO Since early 2012, there have been many questions surrounding the SEO world with Google algorithm updates, such as Penguin, threatening websites and instilling the fear of consequence for utilizing "risky" SEO tactics. Looking at ranking in the […]