Top 3 Ways To Identify Long Tail, Intent Driven Keywords For PPC

As the paid search landscape has become more competitive, Google has simultaneously made campaigns increasingly more complicated and more expensive.

While intent-driven core keywords are considered the Holy Grail for results-driven paid search campaigns, there are often [...]

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How To Change The Owner Of A Facebook Ad Account

No matter what, Facebook continues to be a solid source of brand awareness and has now expanded it’s influence into the purchasing funnel.

The percentage of consumers that admit having their purchasing choices skewed by a company’s social [...]

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How To Decrease Your PPC Budget, But Not Your Results


The end of the year is a great time to evaluate your previous year’s performance and make adjustments to your budgets. While marketing dollars continue to shift toward online channels, some businesses will need to cut back on [...]

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Facebook Lead Ads: Setting Up Your First Campaign

Facebook Ads is a REAL bargain for any marketer and business owner.

However, many advertisers recently noticed an uncomfortable truth: it is getting more and difficult to acquire new leads and step them into your funnel. [...]

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Everything You Want to Know About Amazon Advertising

For businesses that sell physical goods online, there’s no such thing as too many sales channels or advertising mediums. So, if you aren’t using Amazon – and specifically Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) – then you’re missing out on a chance [...]

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How To Run A Twitter Advertisement Campaign

Twitter lets you create objective based ad campaigns in order to reach the right people at the right time. Whether you want to stay local or reach a global audience, Twitter is the perfect platform for your advertising needs. You [...]

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Funny: Humor Can Work In PPC Ads

Should you add humor to your pay-per-click (PPC) ads, or are PPC ads best left as they traditionally are: concise, informative, and with a straightforward, non-humorous call to action?

One side says yes, and another says, not really.

Marketing professors at the [...]

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3 Ways To Kill It With Extended Text Ads (ETAs)

With the recent launch of Extended Text Ads (ETAs) by Google, and the fact that you’ll be unable to add or edit older format ads after October 26th, advertisers need to get on board with ETAs.

ETAs are the new format [...]

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How To Use AdWords Auction Insights in Your Marketing Strategy

When was the last time you reviewed an AdWords Auction Insights report? When you did, was it anything more than a simple export to check who else is on the radar bidding on the same terms as you? [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Ads

Facebook offers display ads that allow marketers to target specific audiences based on their geographical location as well as their personal interests.

Facebook is the biggest social network platform in the world and boasts approximately 1.59 billion [...]

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