How To Promote Your Content On Pinterest

by Alanna Sloan April 1st, 2015

As the king of DIYs and great ideas, you may never think to look to Pinterest for your content promotion. However, as the third most popular social media site (after Facebook and Twitter) you really can't afford to not leverage this tool. Here are some facts about Pinterest that you may not have known: Posting […]

We have all read the “engage” story a million and one times when reading about social networking for businesses and to be quite frank I’m sick of the repetition.

7 Tips To Help You Boost Your Content On LinkedIn

by Daniel Kosir March 18th, 2015

As the preeminent businesses-to-business networking platform, LinkedIn can have a tremendous impact for brands in industries of all types. From brand awareness to acquiring leads and beyond, it presents a number of options to target specific demographics and boost social media marketing efforts. With LinkedIn advertising options becoming much more effective as of late, brands […]

How to Promote Your Content on Instagram

by Alanna Sloan March 11th, 2015

What started out as an idea to improve the sharing of photos between friends now wears many hats, and is easily one of the most popular and used smartphone apps in the world almost 10 years later. Instagram is a quickly growing social media platform. In February of 2013, the company announced it had its […]

Let's have a look at some of the most promising trends in the marketing world to look out for or try. Search Marketing Trends You should stop using recent keyword data trends as they are becoming more and more unreliable. Optimize your website for mobile as more users take to using mobile over the more […]

How to Promote Your Content on Google+

by Daniel Kosir March 3rd, 2015

While Google+ may not be as prolific a social network as others (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), it is still an invaluable platform for content promotion. Google+ promotion tactics range from organic to paid, though currently, Google+ ads aren't yet as extensive or popular as their counterparts on other platforms. Despite the limitations of the network and […]

How To Promote Your Content On Facebook

by Alanna Sloan February 24th, 2015

That means you have to work harder smarter to maximize the impact of your Facebook marketing strategy. These tips help you make the most of paid and organic strategies. 1. Schedule Updates Check your page insights and track all engagement levels. Schedule your updates around activity spikes on your Facebook page. Another trick that will […]

How To Promote Your Content On Twitter

by Daniel Kosir February 18th, 2015

The scheduling tip alone will boost your reach and engagement: to think about reaching people waiting for meetings is brilliant.

Quantify Objectives To Make Social Measurable

by James Duthie February 16th, 2015

One of the primary barriers we encounter when talking to businesses about social media implementation is measurement. For years, web marketers have sold the virtues of web marketing via its accountability. Clicks could be tracked, conversions could be measured & ROI was accountable to the very last dollar. But social media blurred the lines of […]

7 Hashtags Turned Bashtags: Lessons Learned

by Ruud Hein February 12th, 2015

1. Coca Cola #MakeItHappy Coca Cola's social media marketers came up with a cute idea. Add #MakeItHappy to a negative tweet and Coca Cola's Twitter bot will pick it up and use the message's characters to create a cute ASCII art image. Sounds awesome and cuddly — until your company suddenly is posting ASCII art […]