A lot has been said about reputation management and social media promotion recently. Jeff did two great posts on pre-emptive reputation management and also on powerful resources that will help you "bury negative posts about you or your company". Today I am adding a few tips on promoting your online profiles and organizing your reputation management campaign.

reputation management

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Create Online Profiles

Below is the table of a few popular services that allow to create a dedicated profile page. They are all general (no niche-specific ones) and I only included services that were designed for creating personal online pages - thus I skipped numerous social bookmarking sites (e.g. Digg, Netscape) and other social networking sites (e.g. Twitter) which can be rather effective for reputation management but are meant for other purposes. Being focused will also allow you to properly set up your profiles and use non-duplicate content for each one.

Profile URL format "Dofollow" outbound links Ranking ability (Google) Effective promotion
Facebook .../people/Your_Name/xxxxxxxxxx no moderate join relevant Facebook fan pages
LinkedIn .../in/name no high externally
Flickr.com .../people/xxxxxxxx@xxx/ yes moderate comment at relevant popular images
Google Pages http://your.name.googlepages.com/ yes high externally
Naymz .../search/your/name/xxxxxxx yes high externally
Yahoo Profiles .../yourname yes low externally
Spock .../Your-Name-xxxxxxxx nofollow moderate add "friends"
ClaimID .../your-name yes high add "friends"
Lookup Page .../users/yourname/ yes low externally
Hub Pages .../profile/Your+Name yes moderate comment at relevant popular hubs
Other Ego .../profile-your-name.aspx yes low externally

Profile page ranking ability column reflects my personal experience; it can be different with you.

Effective promotion column shares some tips on the easiest and most effective way to get the page ranked in Google SERPs. "External" refers to the promotion done outside the current site: e.g. links from comments, other profiles and your own sites and blogs.

Manage your profiles:

With the ability to create plenty of online profiles comes the necessity to manage all of them effectively. Here are a few tips on effective managing your online profiles:

  1. save all your profiles in a separate folder in your (FireFox) bookmarks (and don't forget to drop links to them once you comment at a relevant blog);
  2. interlink your profiles: link to your other personal pages when creating a new profile - thus you both promote all your profile pages and give more information about yourself;
  3. use emerging online services that help in managing multiple online profiles.

Point #3 requires a few examples, I guess. So here are a few sites that allow you to "keep all your pages in one page" (some of these services are also great for promoting your other sites and profiles) :

Comwat works for only few popular social media sites and doesn't allow external links;

Rapleaf also works for only a couple of sites and it doesn't allow for a public page.

Simplifid does allow to drop a few "dofollow" links on your personal page but it works for only a couple of social media sites.

Onxiam also lets you add "dofollow" links to your other online profiles but it is unfortunately broken for the majority of links.

ProfileOmat is the best profile-managing service so far: it allows to add unlimited number of links to all your online profiles and all these nice "dofollow" links are kept on your dedicated "landing page" that you can then promote throughout all your resources.

Ann Smarty runs SEO consulting blog and also publishes posts daily at Search Engine Journal.

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Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty is a blogger and SEO consultant and professional blogger. Check out Ann's personal project My Blog Guest - the forum meant to connect guest bloggers to blog owner for plenty of mutual benefits. Ann also provides guest blogging services.


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  1. Hi Ann,

    Great post! I especially love the insights into the profile managing services like ProfileOmat. That is a great idea for inter-twining all of your social profiles.

    I am glad that you liked our Reputation Management cartoon as well. We thought that it was funny. How about a link back?

  2. Raghavan says:


    Great post and good to see you here. This post from Jeff will also be useful

  3. Metaspring says:

    Thanks for an informative post and LOL! love the Satan cartoon.

  4. I hadn't thought of using Flickr before…but maybe I will have to try that now!

  5. juler says:

    This would help! I've been looking some ways on how to increase the PR of my new site

    Thanks for sharing it to us.


  6. Heh, sounds like someone's been doing analysis on the 'buy viagra' search results. Lately been dominated by links from social media profiles etc. Terrific chart Ann – bookmarked and saved as a reference!

  7. Managing your profiles is really hard especially if you have so many accounts…^^ anyways these are great ideas Ann..thanks again for always being so generous.

  8. Very handy tip, First I'm going to stumble this and then add it to my bookmarks. Thank you Ann for this wonderful post.

  9. Have you looked at atomkeep.com for managing multiple profiles? My colleague covered this on The Next Web Blog a few days ago – see http://thenextweb.org/2008/07/14/atomkeep-merges-all-your-profiles-into-one-good-looking-page/

    Regards from Scotland, David

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  11. Utah SEO says:

    I can only maintain 2 profiles as much as I'd really liked to. It gets time consuming.

  12. Lily says:

    Thank for such a useful and comprehensive post.

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    Thanks for the info.

  14. This post is a prime example of why we follow Ann Smarty. She always provides quality information that you can put into action. Thanks for the useful tips.

  15. Norhafidz says:

    hey Ann, thanks for the list, that's a pretty detail list I've seen yet :)

  16. Portland SEO says:

    Interlinking your profile pages is a great idea. Also, thank you for the list of good social media sites. I haven't heard of a couple of them.

  17. Wow that table is great! I was actually looking for that kind of information. Oh and I love the cartoon!

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  20. Great ideas for managing profiles. I didn't have any effective ways of doing this before, just a mess of profiles all in my head. Thanks for the tips!

  21. jeflin says:

    Thanks for the great info, Ann. But can you also provide a similar analysis for BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog?

  22. This is an excellent idea as it can be confusing if you have many accounts on different sites.

  23. Utah SEO says:

    This list is great. I'd like to see it expand with time.

  24. Health says:

    Thanks for a very nice information :)

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