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Let The SEO Drooling Begin...

I am a real sucker for SEO tools that make my work as efficient as possible, and I am literally ecstatic about coming across this little gem of a Firefox extension. The Link Diagnosis Firefox extension plugs directly into the Yahoo Site Explorer API that we all know and love, and then manipulates backlink data into a highly versatile and useable format.

Reporting That Your Boss will Be Proud Of

The Link Diagnosis extension transforms regular Yahoo Site Explorer results that look like this

And transforms the cumbersome results above in a couple of minutes

into an utterly beautiful link report like this (that is worth drooling over)

The Features

  • All unique backlinks are sorted by Page Rank!
  • Anchor text of each backlink is visible individually and cumulatively
  • Easy access to most popular anchor texts
  • Page Rank distribution graph summarizes Site Link Power
  • Link pie chart shows ratio of good links : no followed links : missing anchor text links

The Benefits

This tool saves me time. Period :) . Saved time equals enhanced efficiency and productivity, which is a win-win-win situation for the client, the firm, and the individual seo. Can we expect any more from a freely distributed tool? The author Janusz is highly modest, as most tools of this nature are heavily marketed to enhance the brand awareness of the author. In this case, we've come across a good samaritan of SEO, and I certainly hope he gets the credit that is due!

Download the Link Diagnosis Firefox Extension

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12 Responses to “Amazing Link Diagnosis Extension Revolutionizes Link Analysis”

  1. Janusz says:


    Thanks for the nice writeup. I am really glad that the tool is helpful. Let me know if you find any bugs or you have some suggestions for improvement.

  2. Matt Ridout says:

    Its a great tool, also to find quality backlink opportunities from competitors

  3. Seo Smarty says:

    Is there any reporting if the link is 'nofollow'? I haven't found that unfortunately. Would very helpful.

    Nice tool btw!

  4. I did install the Firefox extension, but the report still says it's incomplete and that I need the extension.

    Firefox on Mac OS X Leopard if it matters..

  5. Never mind, tried again and it took.. great tool!

  6. Janusz says:

    @SeoSmarty: it detects nofollow. on the link type chart and also in the backlinks table.

  7. BaldyDog says:

    I'll give it a try and let you know how the clients like it. About how long does it take to generate a report? I typed in a client url, and it has been running for a couple of minutes and it is only at 11%.

  8. Dev Basu says:

    Hey Janusz – Looks like Patrick Altoft gave you some front page visibility! Great job :) — Dev

  9. Gary R. Hess says:

    Well holy crap. Nice find.. this will definitely come in handy.

  10. Seo Smarty says:

    @Janusz: yes, see that now, my apologies… Very nice tool!

  11. imBuntu says:

    I have downloaded and installed it. It is working fine. I was waiting for this tool since long. Thanks Dev.

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