In many ways, online life is the same as offline life. We as people and companies, continually seem to amass 'stuff'. Offline its trinkets, clothes, sports gear, tools, etc. Over time as this "stuff" amasses, it gathers cobwebs due to its lack of use, and occupies otherwise valuable space.


The concept of "Spring Cleaning" was therefore developed to enable us to rid ourselves of the unneeded items, and is often followed by a 'garage sale' which is our meager attempt to turn refuse trinkets into cash.

Well, the same is true online. Blog posts amass and become dated and irrelevant, unneeded categories persist, links break, and so forth. So, why not apply the same logic to our blogs, and spring clean our blogs? Not only is it necessary, but it can also generate some much needed additional rankings and revenues when done properly ... and you won't have to hold a virtual garage sale either!

Here's what I propose. One day every year (propose May 1st), spend some much needed time on your blog. Spring clean it! Some of the tasks you may want to undertake as part of the blog spring cleaning effort:

    1. clean up the subject categories - all too often they get wayyyyyy out of hand
    2. find and repair broken links
    3. upload valuable time saving plugins
    4. remove plugins not being utilized
    5. upload new widgets/remove outdated widgets
    6. respond to comments ... its an opportunity to forge relationships
    7. update your copyright statement
    8. update your blogroll
    9. install wp-firewall and Donna's security files to help protect your blog
    10. redirect outdated posts, or those posts no longer performing, to focus their link power. Try the WordPress Blog Link & Traffic Analysis Plugin by SEP


What other tasks do you suggest for inclusion as part of the Blog Spring Cleaning effort? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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5 Responses to “Official 'Blog Spring Cleaning Day' May 1st – 10 Blog Spring Cleaning Tasks”

  1. Cool Gifts says:

    Great check list. I definitely need to remove the plugins I'm not using. There are so many.

  2. Michael D says:

    I'm still working on the Spring cleaning in my home and office, may have to push blog cleaning to June, or hire a blog cleaning crew. :)

  3. Neil says:


    Great idea, but I don't think I'll be doing it today. I'll do it tomorrow, or maybe the day after :)

    The point about outdated information is a very good one. Someone could find your blog through an old post and immediately leave becuase the information is obviously out of date.


  4. It is autumn in the southern hemisphere, so spring cleaning doesn't technically apply to us at this time. Your point is well taken however, but I feel one should perhaps do this cleaning on a monthly basis, rather than a seasonal one. In that way you can stay ahead of the BIG mess….

  5. I spent around 5 hours on backyard last week. Then I decided to hire a lawn mowing company to cut my grass. Moreover , I spent like 3 to 4 hours to clean up my titles, descriptions and so on on my website. It seems like I'm very hardworking person:)