Using podcast interviews in blogs is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, just like vlogs (video blogs), some blogs specialize in publishing podcast interviews: is a great example.

This article will address two key issues:

  1. The rewards of incorporating podcast interviews into your overall blogging strategy
  2. How to create SEO-friendly podcast interviews


The Rewards of Incorporating Podcast Interviews Into Your Overall Blogging Strategy

  • Heightened Credibility

    People love interview blog posts in general as they tend to have a huge credibility factor, especially if you managed to interview influential figures in your industry. It goes without saying that blog credibility boosts blog visibility. Still, you may argue that textual interviews would serve the same purpose but I beg to differ: the vocal effect of podcast interviews makes it far more "humanly appealing" than plain text.

    Interestingly, some people are more into listening than reading and vice versa. Your best bet is to include a textual transcript of your podcast interview. On the one hand, you will broaden the scope of your audience and satisfy all tastes, while enjoying some SEO benefits on the other hand. (I will discuss this point in details later on)

  • Network Expansion
    When you interview people on your blog and give them a chance to shine like pros, they will spare no effort to spread the word about your interview to their network. In other words, you will instantly become visible to their entire network and if they happen to have large number of advocates, your blog traffic will skyrocket effortlessly.People enjoy sharing their expertise. That's a fact. It is so easy to convince people to be interviewed in your blog, assuming you researched them well and came up with intelligent interview questions that they would love to answer

If you wish to master the art of blog interviews, I invite to read 11 Ways to Improve Your Blog Posts With Interviews.

Also, if you decided go for podcast interviews, here are some audio recording tips to help you out.

So far, we discussed the visibility rewards of podcasts interviews from a social media standpoint. Let's add the SEO ingredient to the mix to get the best of both worlds

How to Create SEO-Friendly Podcast Interviews

  • Make sure to include relevant keywords in the title of the podcast episode. Also, It is highly recommended to have the exact same text in your blog post title. The following screen shot clarifies this point:

  • You may include a keywords-rich summary of your podcast interview. In addition, creating a textual transcript of your entire interview will give your page a major SEO boost. There are professional transcription service providers that you can hire. You will send them the audio file and they will deliver the textual content in a Word document.
  • Submit your podcast site to podcast directories such as and
  • Make sure to tag your podcast with relevant keywords and share it extensively on social media
  • Here's a no-brainer tip: you need to generate backlinks to your blog post. However, most of the old link-building techniques are not effective anymore. Make sure to stay up-to-date and apply the Top 10 Link Building Tips for 2011

That's it! As you see, it's easy to create SEO-friendly podcasts but more importantly, I would love to know your take on using podcast interviews in blogs. Do you think they are worthy of your time and effort? Are you planning to give them a try on your own blog? Please keep me posted when you do :).

Heba Hosny

Heba Hosny is an award-winning marketing consultant, a SEO copywriter and a social media strategist. She's a Canadian/Egyptian artist who strives to portray the best of both worlds (The East and the West) through her though-provokingly funny artwork. Her artistic passions include script writing, humorous poetry, song writing, singing, drawing and acting. To add more creative juice to her online freelancing career, Heba teaches improvisational drama in a children's art center in Cairo.

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4 Responses to “How Can SEO-Friendly Podcast Interviews Blast Off Your Blog Visibility”

  1. Lola says:

    Is it really enough to make seo-friendly podcast interviews? I've always thought podcasts are good for credibility, etc… but not for seo. So I usually write a little post with my post cast to increase my keyword density.

    • Heba Hosny says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, Lora. Podcast interviews are very effective and, when done right, can greatly boost BOTH SEO and blog visibility/credibility.
      You are doing exactly what I recommended by including a small keywords-rich post with the podcast. The audio file in itself wouldn't help SEO except for its title and tags.
      Also, if you can include a full transcript of the podcast, it would definitely increase your SEO rewards and also appeal to blog visitors who prefer reading than listening.
      I checked your blog but couldn't understand the language :) What's your blog specialty and how often do you include podcast interviews?

  2. I use adobe premier pro to transcribe my videos and podcasts, it requires some editing but your services may be better.

    • Heba Hosny says:

      I hope these tools would work better for you, David.
      Aaron Eden, The founder of Garious and InnovatorsMix, uses Skype, a human audio editor and human transcriber and he's happy with the result.
      Good luck and please keep me posted about your upcoming podcast post. I would love to check it out :)