Will Everyscape Be Everywhere?

by The Guy May 29th, 2007 

Red Herring today features a story on Everyscape, a photo based 3D Search company.

It's an intriguing proposition.

A virtual walk-through of a neighbourhood you're considering moving to. A walk-through by day might differ from a walk-through might differ dramatically from a walk-through by night. A 3D tour of the restaurant you're thinking of going to? The food may look particularly good, but other factors also begin to enter the equation... by example are there any people actually in the restaurant.

While still in beta mode, Everyscape is compelling inasmuch as it quite literally adds depth to search. Talk about geotargeting.

With user generated content I'm curious to see what becomes of this virtual virtual world application.

Ambient search.

I like the thought of it.

Have a good one.

~The (SEP) Guy

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One Response to “Will Everyscape Be Everywhere?”

  1. JaredP says:

    This is really cool. You can tour virtually in places where you have not been too. The other day I was navigating the same concept of online mapping called MapJack.com and it seems to look like that of Everyscape.