Well, week 1 of the SEO Lyrics Contest has been a resounding success. We've received 19 entries to date, which is suprising given it takes time to put pen to paper and construct a song. Voting has been brisk also. Most surprising however, is the quality of the lyrics being submitted ... nothing less than spectacular! Any number of these submissions could be classified as an industry anthem.

Something we would like to see yet are some submissions by the search engines or social media themselves. While many of us in the SEM community write about rankings, I'm certain the other perspective would sing a different song so to speak.

Here is a summary of what has been submitted to date, and by whom, in chronological order:

1) 'A Lower Tier Manager's Lament' - 'Paint it Black' Parody by Jim Hedger

2) 'White Hatten' - A Parody of Jefferson Airplane's 'White Rabbit' by Jim Hedger

3) 'You're the Hits I Want' - Parody of Grease's 'You're the One That I Want' by eKstreme

4) 'Clicked By Me' - Parody of 'Close To You' by the Carpenters by Jozian

5) 'DCMA' - Parody of the Village People's 'YMCA' by DazzlinDonna

6) 'I'm an SEO NewB so why don't you Rank me?' - Parody of Beck's 'Loser' by Beginning SEO Podcast

7) 'Smooth' - a Parody of Santana's 'Smooth' and now by Mr. PPC

8 ) 'Rankings Falling' - a Parody of the Clash' 'London Calling' by Bill

9) 'Girls In Da' Hood' - Parody of 'Boyz In Da Hood' by Roberta

10) 'He's buying a ranking in Goo-gle' - Parody of Zeppelin's song 'Stairway to Heaven' by Jozian

11) 'Google Dance' - Parody of Roy Orbison's 'Crying' by DougG

12) 'I'll Optimize' - Parody of Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Survive' by KBoydon

13) 'SEOlebrity' - Parody of 'Celebrity' by Brad Paisley by Sugarrae

14) 'Google' - Parody to the tune of 'Grandpa' by the Judds by Shirley Tipsy

15) 'Page Rank Fantasy' - Parody of David Wilcox's 'Riverboat Fantasy' by Jenn B

16) 'Search All Nite' - Parody of Kiss' 'Rock and Roll All Nite' by jnimetz at SEO-Space

17) 'Golden Google Page One' - Parody of the Eagles 'Hotel California' by Mr. PPC

18) 'Google is How' - Parody of the tune of 'This is my now' by Jordin Sparks by Roberta

19)'Supplemental Hell' - Parody of 'Heartbreak Hotel' by Elvis by Powered by Coffee

A few additional notes:
a) please ensure that you submit at least 2 verses and a chorus for any given song. We cannot publish any lyrics that do not meet these minimum requirements.

b) remember, social media and comments are also part of the scoring algorithm (hint, hint).

Everyone participating to date should be commended. There are many excellent submissions, any number of which can cause you to laugh uncontrollably, or bring back visions and feelings from the fallout of the 'Florida' Google Update.

Here to seeing what the next week brings!

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the SEP Team