Local Search

Local Search

Increase your Visibility and Improve your Brand Awareness with Local Search

Optimizing your Website for Local Search

The way people search online is changing. People are increasingly using mobile and local search to find information, make purchases and search for local businesses. This shift is changing the way that SEO needs to be approached. No longer do you only want your website to be visible in organic search results, but you also have to ensure your website is optimized so users can find your business using local search and when using mobile devices and smartphones.
Local search, which has been popularized by platforms such as Google + Local, is a specialized form of SEO that increases a local business' visibility online and improves the search ranking for geographically related keywords.

In recent years, the importance of local search has increased because search engines are increasingly integrating local search into organic search results. As a result, local search has the ability to drive significant target traffic to your website.

Local Search Products and Features

  • Creation of local listings: We will create your Google + Local and other business profile pages that will provide visitors with information such as reviews, maps, driving directions, hours of operation, video links, images, payment options, street views and more.
  • Local content strategies: SEP will help you develop a content strategy that will enhance your local SEO strategy and target local users.
  • Onsite optimization for local search: We will analyze your website and look for methods to optimize your website for local and mobile search.
  • Local search integration into SEO: We will assess your current SEO strategy and identify areas where we can integrate local and mobile search strategies.
  • Local search keyword research: Your account manager will perform ongoing keyword analysis to evaluate local keyword trends and adjust optimization accordingly.
  • Local search citation building: We will build local search citations over time by adding your website-relevant business directories. This will verify your business information and help increase search visibility.
  • Reporting and analysis: Each month, SEP will provide you with a detailed analytics report citing key local SEO metrics, overall performance and trends.

The Advantage of Local Search with SEP

  • More targeted website traffic
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Create local SEO strategies to target specific keywords or customer groups
  • Increase search engine result visibility
  • Receive insightful customer reviews
  • Enhance current SEO campaigns
  • Increase sales and broaden customer base

Why Choose Search Engine People for Local Search?

  • We've done local search from the start: Search Engine People was one of the first companies to understand the true potential of online local search and has developed exceptional strategies to help you increase your online presence using local search.
  • We are the best in the industry: SEP has been voted the #1 Local Search company in Canada for more than two years by TOPSEOs.com.
  • We have the largest SEO team in Canada: Our extensive team has the skills, tools and resources to manage every aspect of your SEO strategy, including local SEO.
  • We have the local search tools: Search Engine People has developed some of the most advanced, powerful and respected SEO and Local Search analytics tools and technologies available anywhere in the world.
  • We practice what we preach: We have consistently ranked on the first page for SEO related terms for the past 5 years and our site is one of the top 12,000 most trafficked sites on the web.