if you can talk about it you can write it

I'm pretty sure that if I ask an SEO what the optimum content length is that does best in Google, they would have an answer for me.

They won't need 30 minutes of silence to carefully and artistically craft their answer.


Because they know what they're talking about.

If you can tell me what you want to say, you can write what you want to say.

If You Can't Talk About It, You Can't Write It

if you can't talk about it you can't write it

The only valid reason not to write (yet) is when you can't talk about a topic. And the single reason you won't allow yourself to talk about it is because you don't have enough information (yet).

But get this: doing (re)search for your article is not writing. Getting project support material isn't writing. Neither factors into your writing time.

But Isn't Writing A Creative Process?

Heck no! Not if you mean all creative and no process. If it was that simple the world would be way richer in great writers.

Writing is a craft. A craft is something you do. And by doing it all the time, you become skillful at it.

So, what did you write today?

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