Raaj Paatkar: Search Blogger of the Day

Meet Raaj Paatkar, the Search Blogger of the Day. Today I'd like to highlight a post called Site-wide Links Can Hurt Your Rankings. Raaj explains what sitewide links are, and then discusses the value of these links, going so far as to say that they can actually hurt your rankings. Do you agree? Have you tested the effects? Raaj also wonders about blogrolls, since these are often sitewide. Go read Raaj's post, and then chime in with your thoughts about sitewide links and blogrolls.

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Beyond PageRank; peeling SEO onions

Warning! Reality Check in will be returned to regular programming shortly. Ok, so you say you know what PageRank is and how it applies to search optimization, but do you really? One thing is for certain. A great many [...]

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Matt Cutts, Why Am I Still Being Punished?

I dumped text link ads. I nofollowed paid links. I javascripted links that might be mistaken for paid links. I canceled my sponsored review accounts. I switched to a different method of monetization (Scratchback) that serves Google-friendly, nofollowed links. (And [...]

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