Which Social Media Platform Is Best For Your Brand

by Alexis Caffrey February 11th, 2014 


You can't do it all - especially with social media. With 10+ popular social platforms, how do you give each one your best effort?

If your brand is new to social media or looking to expand its efforts, check out this guide to decide which one you should focus on. Here are four brands that are dominating the competition on sites and why each one works for them.


Brand winner: Taco Bell

One of the first brands to utilize Snapchat, Taco Bell initially used the app to announce the return of the Beefy Crunch Burrito in May 2013. The fast food chain asked Twitter followers to add them on Snapchat. In return, they'd receive a personal snap from the brand.

Unlike some brands on Snapchat, Taco Bell is not using the stories feature to offer coupons. Instead, they focus on brand loyalty by engaging fans with simple and entertaining snaps.

What it's best for: Brand loyalty.

The facts: More than 30 million monthly active users. 55 percent of them use the app daily.




Brand winner: Jet Blue

Airline delays happen - and JetBlue is prepared for the complaints. The company might not be able to control the weather, but they can better the situation by increasing brand loyalty.

Whether you hashtag the company (#JetBlue), mention "Jet Blue" or tweet @JetBlue, the company will respond - to both frustrated and happy customers.

For those angry with delays, the account informs Twitter users on flight updates and can even help reschedule a flight. The company is quick to respond - typically in an hour's time.

What it's best for: Customer service.

The facts: More than 200 million active users. More than 500 million Tweets each day.




Brand winner: Verizon

Verizon has hundreds of videos uploaded on YouTube - and they typically upload at least four per week. The most watched videos feature the FiOS football girl who is determined to understand the game of football after her brother leaves her out of a backyard game. She not only became a commentator beside Terry Bradshaw; she shared with the world all that Verizon FiOS can be used for.

In addition to this campaign, Verizon also has tutorials for specific services, like "How to Fix Most TV Issues With Your FiOS TV Menu". On the company's page, you'll also find positive corporate videos, explaining topics like how Verizon invests in alternative energy.

YouTube allows both subscribers and nonsubscribers to learn more about Verizon and what it can offer consumers.

What it's best for: Introducing your products/services.

The facts: More than 1 billion unique visits each month. 100 hours of video uploaded each minute.




Brand Winner: Lay's

It's more than Lay's number of likes (which is more than 6.2 million, by the way). Lay's is a winner because of the way they engage with consumers on Facebook. Their page includes mouth-watering images of those addictive potato chips, unique recipes like potato/chocolate chip cookies, and more.

Most impressive - the contests they host. Recently, Lay's held a contest where fans would submit a new chip flavors and vote for their favorite. The winning recipe creator would get $1 million. During this contest, Lay's reversed its six-year sales decline - upping it 1 percent.

And if you're curious, the winning flavor was Cheese Garlic Bread potato chips, which barely beat Chicken & Waffles and Sriracha.

What it's best for: Consumer engagement.

The facts: More than 1.19 billion monthly active users. 727 million daily users.



Alexis Caffrey

Alexis Caffrey is a freelance writer with a focus on technology, new media, and design.

Alexis Caffrey

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One Response to “Which Social Media Platform Is Best For Your Brand”

  1. Aahna says:

    Hi Alexis,

    Never heard about SnapChat before, I do use Facebook and Twitter quite often for brand building. I've also shifted the focus towards Google+ and I must say that it has very engaging communities at the moment.

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