Is Google trying to compete by using AOL content?

by Donna Fontenot December 20th, 2005

I have been mulling over the whole Google / AOL deal and trying to figure out why it would be promising so much. For example, Google will be showing AOL ads that link directly to AOL topics which match the search term. At first glance, this sounds like simple favoritism designed to be able to […]

2006 Search Engine Predictions

by Donna Fontenot December 19th, 2005

Ok, I guess it is that time of year to gaze into the SEO crystal ball and make some predictions. My predictions for last year were way off the mark, so hopefully I will do better this time. Click fraud will finally be exposed to be worse than anyone imagined, and both Google and Yahoo! […]

Yahoo update must have been mild

by Donna Fontenot December 17th, 2005

I saw basically no changes at all with the Yahoo update, and the forum patter about it seems to be pretty light, so I have to assume it did not do tons of damage to most webmasters. In fact, I saw more positive responses than negative, so I suppose that is a good sign. If […]

Yahoo! is updating tonight

by Donna Fontenot December 15th, 2005

Yahoo! put out a weather alert informing us that they will be making changes to the index tonight. You should see some changes in ranking as well as some shuffling of the pages that are included in the index. This update will be completed tomorrow (Thursday). I love having them tell us in advance.

The whole Zawodny Cutts Link Selling Thing

by Donna Fontenot December 14th, 2005

Ok, this topic has mushroomed in the various blogs and forums, so I wanted to make sure no one missed it, and to add a comment of my own. If you have not yet heard (and I am sure you have) Jeremy Zawodny (Yahoo) is selling sponsored links on his blog. Big deal, right? Well, […]

Need help? Visit an SEO forum!

by Donna Fontenot December 12th, 2005

After I left that other SEO forum, along with lots of other disenchanted members, I began searching for another SEO forum that I could call home. Turns out, I now have several different homes. First of all, the news of the day, is that Search Engine Roundtable now has its own forums, and they have […]

When an SEO becomes a star

by Donna Fontenot December 11th, 2005

How many times have I posted a link to a post or tool by Randfish (Rand Fishkin – I am not awake enough to go back through and count them all, but it has been a significant share of the links pointing out here at SEO Scoop. Why? Because I respect and admire Rand's […]

Penalties and how long they last

by Donna Fontenot December 9th, 2005

A few days ago, I talked about a site that finally got indexed by Google after 6 months of owning the domain (presumably after having a penalty lifted). Today, I listened to the interview with Matt Cutts (download it from / Most of the interview was the standard blah, blah, Google cares, blah, blah stuff, […]

Finally got accepted to YPN

by Donna Fontenot December 7th, 2005

I applied months ago to the Yahoo! Publisher Network, which is still in beta, hoping to be able to compare it to Google Adsense. I had essentially given up on ever being accepted, but just yesterday, I got the coveted acceptance email. For now I am trying it out on a very limited basis (one […]

A new, intelligent way to build links?

by Donna Fontenot December 6th, 2005

A forum friend notified me of a new site he has created at . He describes it by saying: Content Relay enables webmasters to provide written content to other webmasters for the purpose of link building. So basically you can contact another member and offer them content to publish on their website. The idea […]