Kudos to NickW for pointing out this rockin Firefox extension for SEOs. This little tool allows you to hover over a link and not only see the backlinks to that URL from the big three search engines, but the rankings for that URL/anchor text pair. I suggest you keep the tool turned off during normal surfing, because it can not only get annoying, but it also sends a query to G, Y, and M each time. You can toggle it on and off by clicking on the little triangle of colored balls in the status bar. But it is extremely handy when you want to quickly see how one of your keyword phrases is ranking (or your competitor's). Download it at www.webmasterbrain.com/seo-tools/firefox-extensions/seo-links/. This ranks as a top-notch SEO tool as far as I'm concerned. Of course, you have to have Firefox to use it, but you do, right? 🙂