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Looking for a job in SEO?

Jobs In Search is a specialist job site featuring jobs with companies who are looking to recruit employees for search engine related roles, including the Search Engines, Search Engine Marketing Firms, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Companies, New Media & Digital [...]

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Downtime and lost posts

Unfortunately, the SEO Scoop server had some major problems over the last few days, and several days worth of posts have been lost. I do have backups and will get those posts reposted at some point, but in the meantime, [...]

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Update on Chitika

Way back on June 29, I mentioned the fact that I was going to try out the Chitika eMiniMalls system. Just wanted to update everyone. If you are looking for an Adsense alternative, this could be the one for you. [...]

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SEO Links Firefox Extension

Kudos to NickW for pointing out this rockin Firefox extension for SEOs. This little tool allows you to hover over a link and not only see the backlinks to that URL from the big three search engines, but the rankings [...]

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What NOT to do when optimizing your site

rmccarley spotted a web page and mentioned it over at SEO Chat today. We all spend so much time discussing how to properly SEO a site, that we sometimes forget to mention what NOT to do. So let me make [...]

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Google update Jagger2 begins

A week ago, the first of a three-part Google update began, and today the second part is beginning. (Note that Jagger3, the third and final part, will begin next week, probably around Wednesday). Jagger 2 can be seen on only [...]

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An Adsense Smart Pricing rumor?

Just read a post at WMW that includes the following statement. Apparently with Smart Pricing, if you have multiple sites, and one of them performs badly, it will lower your earnings not only for that 1 site, but for all [...]

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Some search related reading for your weekend

Microsoft has some great reading for those of you interested in how a search engine views things. Titled Web Search and Data Mining, they discuss various MSN Search projects that they are working on, and they also include a nice [...]

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