Are links your nemisis rather than a powerful tool?

Chain Link Fence

In last week's post I talk about 4 alternative uses of social media. Point #2 I mentioned in that piece talked about "generating direct backlinks", though I wasn't able to elaborate as much as I would have liked to.

Obviously there are many ways to get links from social media. One such technique is to establish profiles on various social media, and link from your profile on those sites, back to your web site. The key obviously is in knowing which social media sites permit links, and which permit DoFollow links.

To save you some time, here are a list of 22 such sites that we're aware of:
1. Digg
2. Propeller
3. Flickr
4. Kirtsy
5. LinkedIn
6. Current
7. PostonFire
8. BloggingZoom
9. CoRank
10. Technorati
11. MyBlogLog
12. Bumpzee
13. LinkaGoGo
14. Bibsonomy
15. Mister-Wong
16. MyLinkVault
17. ClipClip
18. 9Rules
19. AssociatedContent
20. Blogoria
21. NowPublic
22. MemeStreams

Edit: June 12, 2008:
23. Mixx ... thanks to Matt Mcgee (Small Business SEM)
24. Edopter ... thanks to Andy Murdoch (

I intend to keep updating this list over time so bookmark it now. Also, if you're aware of any such social media site, please leave a comment and let us know. We'll add it to the comprehensive list, and will link back to each person's site doing so.

Enjoy ... and happy link building!

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109 Responses to “22 DoFollow Social Media Sites Offering Profile Links”

  1. Great advise and the list is very handy. Have bookmarked and look forward to visiting you regularly to get updates. Thanks.

  2. […] de comunicación social permiten do-follow enlaces, estos son algunos de ellos que los chicos de searchenginepeople comparten con nosotros. Aunque son en inglés, no importa, todo link que apunta hacia nuestro sitio […]

  3. Scrivs says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for the mention. In the context of what you are talking about 9rules does allow you to customize your experience through the use of a profile. However, what you are talking about is more of what Chawlk does its sister sites. An account on Chawlk or any of the other sites allows you to use one account/profile across all the sites along with 9rules.

    The older version of 9rules has all of this contained on one domain, but we have since made some changes to lessen the confusion and build up individual communities catering to specific genres.

  4. James Duthie says:

    Nice list Jeff, but maintaining an active and productive account in all of these networks would have to be close to impossible. Personally, I'd be a little worried about creating a multitude of inactive accounts across networks. Could it not potentially lead to accusations as a social media spammer if a user noticed?

  5. forumistan says:

    Thanks for the list but many of them uses nofollow

  6. Jeff Quipp says:

    @ Comparison Shopping … thanks for the comment and bookmark!

    @Scrvis … thanks for the clarification!

    @ James … creating accounts isn't a problem. The more accounts, the busier a social media site looks, so the happier they are. Also … best to try out a multitude of sites before committing to using them. How do I know which are worthwhile without testing first.

    @ forumistan … correct, they use NoFollow for some elements, but not for profile links.

  7. The question is weather those sites will keep their links dofollow and if this risk is worth the time necessary to build a strong profile.

  8. willy says:

    great job. i will try these site.

  9. andymur says:

    Profile links on edopter ( are followed too.

  10. Thanks for the useful tip- it's a pain to create these profiles…now if only you had suggestions for Managing all 22 profiles once you actually have them…

  11. Geld Lenen says: follows too.

  12. Arnie says:

    there must be 10 on that list I had never heard of. good job. us link builders like those kinds of lists :-)

  13. Jay says:

    Hey, thanks for this list… I swear, there will always be new sites that I have to continue to check out lol… I mean, I haven't even heard of half of those sites!


  14. adam says:

    Hi Jeff, thank you for this great list of Web2.0 do follow sites. Until now, I've got a very good experience with Digg, Propeller(PR5 profile), Reddit and SlashDot.

  15. Lee says:

    There are a couple on that list which the profile links are nofollow.

    This may be harder to maintain than you realise. :)

  16. paulette says:

    Thanks for the list:) Those are good social communities and might be potential niches as well.

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  18. Utah SEO says:

    Great list. Add It's great for various link juice plus rankes well in the SERPs.

  19. Wii Boy says:

    I am right in thinking that no follow will still give you a backlink, just without an PR boost?

  20. Rudolf says:

    There is a wrong TLD for bibsonomy – it is and not ( is a parked domain).

  21. Wow, thank you very much. I have definitely booked this and will pop back to see when you update. This will save us a lot of time. exSEOllent

  22. Top Rated says:

    This can be a touchy area, as you could be considered a social network spammer. As long as you generate good content and then use the social networks to promote it, I believe that's fine. It's really a question of what your comfortable witih.

  23. Huge says:


    As the proprietor of one of the 22 sites listed here let me make a few things clear:


    2. Yes, we use nofollow everywhere.

    3. If a social media site uses nofollow ANYWHERE thats a clear sign that they do not want your spam and they are not "happy" about all of the accounts you are creating.

    4. Spamming is a violation of the AUP of most of the sites on your list.

    5. Wilfrid Laurier has a business ethics class. You should go back and audit it.

    6. Its the height of irony that I have to click a box certifying that my post is 100% spam free on a site that has been driving tons of spam at my site in violation of its policies for days. Did you put that there as some kind of sick joke?

  24. […] social media sites in terms the amount of traffic sent by getting on the front page, backlinks, profile backlinks, and passing […]

  25. Great List. Will be keeping this one handy.

  26. oky says:

    i have an account at technorati and i had claimed my blog but i still don't understand with something called authority. why my blog still doesn't get authority in technorati ? could you tell me what is the main concept of authority.thanks for sharing this list

  27. Jeff Quipp says:

    @ Malte … that's a great point Malte! To be frank … that decision should be a function of how much you enjoy that community, and benefit from it. It NoFollow wasn't an issue, would you still be an active participant?

    @ Willy … thanks Andy! Enjoy!

    @ Andy … thanks for the addition! Keep 'em coming.

    @ Foot in Mouth … you are very perceptive, and right. Successful profiles require alot of work and commitment.

    @ Geld … it does thanks! I even have a profile there, and missed it. Thanks again!

    @ Arnie … thanks Arnie … let me know if you find more!

    @ Jay … I hear ya Jay! Glad you liked it!

    @ Adam … thanks for the comment Adam! The key is participation isn't it … do it for the right reasons!

    @ Lee … some elements are nofollow … but the profile links are dofollow. It will be difficult though, which is why we'll require input for readers.

    @ Paulette … most are more generic, but yes I'd like to start listing niche sites too.

    @ UtahSEO … thanks for the Squidoo referral Jordan! It will be added.

    @ Wii Boy … NoFollow backlinks still do sometimes show as backlinks in related searches, but do not count towards rankings at all.

    @ Rufolph … thanks, I'll correct that today.

    @ Marketing Man …thanks … and enjoy!

    @ Top Rated … it is touchy. The reality of the matter is profile links are worth nothing without active participation. Spammers will receive no benefit!

    @ Huge … good to hear from you Huge. See you've done a little research. Pretty sure I could dig up a little too, but why? In any case, the intent is not to spam you. As I mentioned previously, profiles without active participation are worthless. There's no use in creating hundreds of dummy accounts … search engines care about quality not quantity.

    If you want me to remove your site from this list, I will gladly do so. Just either respond here in the comments (I will delete it for you so there's no trail) or email me directly at jeff @ and I'll take care of it. No worries or questions :)

    @ SEM Blog … thanks Paul!

    @ oky … I'm not an expert on Technorati, but I believe its authority is calculated by the number of times your blog has been mentioned (linked to) from others. Hope that helps!

  28. […] views Jeff Quipp posted article on his Search Engine People blog with list of 22 social networks. All social sites in his list don't use "nofollow" […]

  29. Metaspring says:

    Thanks for compiling that very useful list and thanks to the commentators for adding to the subject.

  30. good list.but i have an other comment, the yellow links on your pages are eyeitching could you do sth about it!

  31. Kari says:

    Great list Jeff…glad I Stumbled on it!

    Another niche one to add:

    I'm pretty sure this one is dofollow. I checked the source code on my profile page there, and there wasn't a nofollow on my website link.

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  33. Velvet says: has no-follow

  34. Thanks for the list. Maybe you could give some details on every site

  35. Mark says:

    Since when does digg have dofollow tags? I never knew that…

  36. Wii Boy says:

    Thanks for the clarification Jeff.

  37. […] or social network sites suited to your news. Even if you don't get a home page, you can get a spidered link (redirects and nofollows won't help) with on-topic keywords on an on-topic page, which is […]

  38. […] Profile link. Most social sites have option to link blog or a website from profile. It is important to be active on social site to make sure that Google and other search engines find page with your information. […]

  39. Shauna says:

    Do you know of any places to trade backlinks, as in you help me and I"ll help you?? I'm trying to start one here!

  40. Zachary says:

    Others Social Media with DoFollow:



  41. […] 22 DoFollow Social Media Sites Offering Profile Links (tags: linkbuilding seo socialmedia) Del med andre: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

  42. Stupid Spy says:

    Thanks for helpful information

  43. This is a great list to leverage on. Very nice piece of information. Thanks!

  44. wilson says:

    Finally…, I've found the complete list of the social media sites after months of searching…

    Thanks for the great list, and I will mark it down.

  45. Thank you for the list. I know we have had great success with Propeller and Digg.

  46. ResortPRO says:

    This is great thanks for the list

  47. […] This: Find 50 social media sites with dofollow links Submit your [well written and valuable] post Use great anchor text to link to your […]

  48. Bradman says:

    This is a good list of no-follow social sites to leverage on. I should see an increase in quality traffic after inclusion. Thanks!

  49. MOin says:

    a really great list of getting one way backlinks i juts ended up registering at every sites above mentioned. hope to see more good posts from you :)

  50. brandon says:

    I only believe in digg ,mrwong and reddit
    …no more ..:)

  51. Alex says:

    Thanks for the list. I though digg and others were nofollow. I don't know if the changed it. Thanks anyway

  52. […] Account Creation: Big Mike Recommended! OK did some research and found a list of 22 here; 22 DoFollow Social Media Sites Offering Profile Links | Search Engine People Blog more info Social Bookmarking Sites Which Don't Use NoFollow : Bookmarks and Search […]

  53. Nokia Tube says:

    This is a good list but there are many more social sites that are "dofollow".

    I have seen a list of 100 such sites earlier, not sure where. But it is just a good recall too of great dofollow sites. Thanks for it.

  54. geld lenen says:

    Thanks for the info! Learned a lot form it!

  55. […] Write resource and educational posts routinely, and submit them to Social Media sites that are DOFOLLOW. […]

  56. Nick says:

    Thanks for the great list. Have been trying a few different SEO techniques and will now add social bookmarking to my list of things to look into further.

  57. Matt says:

    Looks like is nofollow on profile pages.

  58. Matt says:

    Mixx is nofollow also

  59. Vishal Nayak says:

    Thanks Jeff, for the list. I found Kristy, Now Public and Mylinkvault very interesting. I will be signing up on every one of them. Thanks for the good work.

  60. Some of the sites listed are helpful in terms of online reputation management. Simply register your targeted brand name or name as your profile name and you are ready to manage your own reputation.
    Anna Nguyen

  61. […] 22 DoFollow Social Media Sites Offering Profile Links | Search Engine People | Toronto […]

  62. […] 22 sofollow social media sites offering profile links. […]

  63. Skitzzo says:

    Not sure if you're still updating this list or not but some of these sites seem to have gone either the nofollow route, most notably Flickr, or started passing the outbound links through a redirect, like Propeller and LinkedIn have done.

    I'd be interested in seeing an up-to-date version of this list.

  64. Thanks, Simply register your targeted brand name or name as your profile name and you are ready to manage your own reputation.

  65. Akvaryum says:

    Hey, thanks for this list.The older version of 9rules has all of this contained on one domain, but we have since made some changes to lessen the confusion and build up individual communities catering to specific genres.

  66. Oliver says:

    Should I not bother at all getting backlinks if I know they are no follow? :)

  67. Thanks for this list – very, very helpful! I appreciate your hard work compiling it!

  68. Real Estate says:

    Thanks for the list. This will save my time i am working on Social Media. Can you post Do follow book marking sites List.
    Thanks again,.

  69. Nice list. Would like to see date list was created…when u get to a page age is important in a fast moving biz. Also 6 mth update please. Hey, that guy who owned one of the sites did not post back to remove the site. Must have wanted the traffic!!

  70. Rika Susan says:

    Great post, Jeff! Thanks for the social media sites. Quite a few I haven't looked at. It can also be useful to search for good article directories that allow dofollow profile links.
    .-= Rika Susan recently posted: Bowflex Dumbells – Your New Body With Select Tech Bowflex Dial Up 1090 Dumbells =-.

  71. Impressive. Thanks for compiling this for us Jeff. I used some of the links and there links that are new to me. So I'll sure check each one of them. Page bookmarked. 😉

  72. kiwionline says:

    Great list thanks, few of these have switched to no-follow but still a very nice list

  73. Bobby says:

    Your list is amazing. You saved me so much time. Great job.
    I will start on monday right away…have a nice weekend :)

  74. Michal says:

    It's getting harder and harder to get a good social network with dofollows. Precious list. Really nice time saver. God bless.

  75. mikelis says:

    Thanks for the nice list!
    but I`m afraid many of these sites do not use dofollow anymore. since the list is 2 years old..

  76. Kristina says:

    Thanks for the list! It's a difficult task because many sites move from DoFollow to NoFollow as they become more popular, and it's hard to say how valuable some of the links from less popular sites are.

    One place I would recommend is, which selectively DoFollows link on website profiles — details at

  77. meyoson says:

    Hi, Jeff! Thanks for sharing this social media sites list.I have been searching for a couple of months. thanks again. Acne Vulgaris,home remedy acne

  78. Kim says:

    Though this is really a very old post, things have been changed so much now. Most of them no longer allow dofollow links.

  79. A lot of the sites above are now nofollow, maybe a good idea to revise and do an updated post with sites. Out with the the old, in with the new: Sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, and Ezines still offer do follow, but be sure to provide unique worthy content!

    Thank you for the support

    marketing brands

  80. guitarman says:

    Yeah, it looks like this list is very outdated. 95% of the sites on the list either don't let you even have a link or if they do it's completely no follow.

  81. Jennifer says:

    Nice list, though not up-to-date.
    Perhaps you can update it?

  82. James Mackay says:

    Hi there! I am currently reading the book "The Art of SEO" and this blog was mentioned, on p305. (Congratulations!)

    Anyway, I thought you might like to consider keeping this post up-to-date due to the fact it's being widely promoted. That, and the fact I'm trying to find some good "nofollow" links…

  83. Henk says:

    I agree with the previous comment. This list is pretty old. Propeller seems to be no more. You can add Plaxo.I will add some more as I come accross them.

  84. brokejumper says:

    Is Reddit a dofollow site? Quite an old looking list I don't recognize most of those sites.

  85. Lybeck says:

    To bad i diddnt find this list aerlier, does anybody know where i can find an uo to date list ?

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  87. Very cool, i'm going to create a profile on all of these and do an analysis to see how much it actually helps though.

  88. Joshua Brown says:

    Thanks for the list.

    2 things: Propeller no longer exists (AOL ate it) and Flickr links are now nofollow.

  89. Matt says:

    Shame that Flickr links are now nofollow as I had a nice photo album on there to my personal site. Facebook is on and off on different sections of its site for nofollow depending on where you post.

  90. More and more social sites stop the dofollow. So did LinkedIn unfortunately. But I think slideshare still does.

  91. vemem says:

    Anyone of you can tell me what the problem is with articlebase as most of the articles we post there come as no follow, would it be a problem with our account or is it just articlebase's policy?
    We also publish in ezine and others and have no problems at all.

  92. Jeremy says:

    Do Google and Bing frown on sharing your own links on all these social sites?

    I mean, let's say I create a Digg profile, and the only think I ever put in my Digg profile are links to my own site. Won't Google pick up on this, and discredit the links (and maybe my site as well)?

    How about creating a blog on and and then creating dofollow links on those? Does this work, or is that considered spamming your links?

  93. Ruth. B, says:

    Considering many of these sites have become no-follow, is it really worth the time to post in these sites, if you ultimate intention is to get a Do-Follow link?

    Do no-follow links count anyway? Many people say no, other say yes. Confusing!

  94. Thanks for the list. I have set up porfiles at some of these site but not all. I have alos been looking for sites that let you create a blog. I use the bolg to create a article or post and link back to my site. Another way to get a link. I'm sure some site in this list will let you create a blog


  95. Brad says:

    any idea where an updated list like this exist?

  96. Deepak Singh says:

    Jeff, really interesting article. There are lots of Social Media sites offering Profile Links but you have mentioned some of the best websites. Really Useful.

  97. Haiden says:

    Hi Jeff, appreciate the help. Do you plan to update the list? As some have mentioned, most of these are "nofollow"…

  98. This isn't a bad list but I think it's prudent to note that one shouldn't create tonnes of profiles with links any more, after penguin it's likely a tactic that was hit with google trying to lessen the effect of grey hat tactics.

  99. Edgaard says:

    Unfortunately most of the are nofollow linking now. But I like Current and ClipClip

  100. Arpan Jain says:

    Thanks for the great list Jeff, Looking for more to come in the list.

  101. Peter says:

    It's too late, I think :-)

    Does anybody know where I can find an updated list of some dofollow websites?

  102. Dewan Sohan says:

    It's really tough to make dofollow backlink in High PR profile. This list is awesome. Thanks to writer for sharing a good list for SEO experts.

  103. A. Ishtiaque says:

    You are right. Social bookmarking websites play a great role. Google loves it too. But a lot of social bookmarking including a lot from this list too, have gone to no-follow which is painful for a webmaster's point of view. Still, they play vital role on SERP.

  104. […] 22 DoFollow Social Media Sites Offering Profile Links | Search … – In last week's post I talk about 4 alternative uses of social media. Point #2 I mentioned in that piece talked about"generating direct backlinks", though I wasn't able to elaborate as much as I would have liked to. Obviously there are many ways to get links from social media. […]

  105. Great list of useful sites Jeff! I'm using some of them but others I had not even heard about.
    Here is my contribution: Another good one site for dofollow link is Instructables.
    Thanks and Cheers!

  106. Daniel Jacob says:

    Thanks Jeff! Some great information, and a great list. I have recently decided to begin taking control of my own seo for my company's website. I quickly learned that many links are nofollow, and don't count for as much. GRRR