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2 Responses to “8 Tips To Building Quality Twitter Followers”

  1. I'm just getting into Twitter and just checked out some tools for building followers, but now that I found this post. I will focus on taking the steps described here before going any further. As always Content is king. I like the list following tip that's something I have not been doing.

  2. Siv says:

    Hi Bob,

    Great article. Before I even followed users other than my friends, I made sure to post valuable tweets from interesting quotes to links to industry articles. This not only helped build my credibility, when users received email notifications that I was following them and visited my Twitter page, they would find my tweets and retweet me!

    Also, I noticed you mentioned SocialOomph. You might want to try using SocialMotus – Using the Twitter follower tools it contains you can find users who have added someone similar as you to their Twitter lists, retweeters who retweet someone similar to you and so on.