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Bob Nunn is an Internet Marketing Consultant in Toronto and the founder of BrandMechanics. Bob has a successful track record of helping companies fine-tune their online marketing and getting their brands revved up. He has won over 40 marketing awards for his work in advertising, new media, email and more for clients such as Yellow Pages Group ‘The Find Engine’, Blockbuster ‘Guaranteed To Be There’, FutureShop ‘You’ll like what the future has in store.’ and 3M ‘Innovation’ among others.

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16 Places To Put Your Share, Follow & Like Buttons

Sharing, following and liking of brands have increased dramatically due to the advent of social media but too often you see them on the hompage; perhaps the spot you're the least receptive to the message. Here's 16 other more appropriate places to drive shares and likes of your business.

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8 Non-Monetary Rewards for Your Fans

For marketers who want to get out of endlessly discounting their product to their best customers, here are 8 ways to use Social Media and non-monetary rewards for your best customers: those that will recommend you to their large social networks. Examples include KLM, Starbucks and small businesses.

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How To Get Blog Post Ideas

The information highway is littered with abandoned blogs. So how do you keep coming up with blog post ideas? This article provides eight ways to have a continual stream of ideas using Google tools, social media sites and traditional marketing methods.

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