What to Expect from Local Search in 2014

by Zain Shah January 10th, 2014 

Local SEO probably has the highest ROI of all the internet marketing programs that currently exist. This is true for both, agencies and businesses alike.

Local SEO (when done correctly) connects businesses with their target audience, which comprises of local folk like you and me searching for geographic specific services. This could include the local dentist, doctor, lawyer, optometrist or mechanic.

This also makes Local SEO one of the most dynamically changing landscapes of all the SEO flavours.

Google is constantly trying to fine tune its algorithm to provide the best user experience for searchers on-line. Whether its changing the order of the localized 7-pack or including a new carousel, Google is constantly trying to tweak its local search. This makes life for SEO practitioners a challenge.

What can we as an industry expect in 2014?

The below list (in no order of importance) may provide you with some important highlights to look out for:


google plus

No surprise here. Google has been pushing its younger cousin Google + ever since it was first launched in 2011.

This comes as no surprise. It is a Google product and Google would like to award extra brownie points to those businesses actively using and updating their Google+ accounts.

Make sure your business has one and more importantly, make sure you update it regularly!

Structured Data

structured data



Another no brainer for 2014 will the rise of structured data (Schema). Google has been pushing the widespread adoption of rich snippets and for good reason; users like it.

Rich snippets decrease the click-through rate in the SERPs (search engine results pages), but it tells searchers very quickly which site best suits their needs.

Whether its reviews for a movie or a local wok place, rich snippets shortlists our options without even clicking a search result.

Hyper Local Citations

chamber of commerce

We have been seeing this rise already with hyper local citations from businesses in the very same geographic location and industry.

This means you will need to find citations beyond just Super Pages and Yellow Pages. Look for very local associations and organizations to get a citation from.

This should be an easy item to cross out. If you find it difficult, get in touch with the business owner. They tend to know this quick easily through word of mouth or networking events and get together. They will also appreciate your research into the industry.

Mobile And Responsive Websites

responsive framework

With the rise of mobile use and search, make sure your local business website has a responsive website. Google itself has advocated using a responsive framework as this keeps all the data and information on the same URL.

This is key.

By creating a separate mobile website means you will need to literally double your SEO efforts because now you have two different websites on two separate URLs. Avoid this headache and create a mobile website with a responsive framework.

Physical Address

physical address

Every SEO has come across this issue. A business owner wants to rank in multiple cities. In the past, this was a possible. From what I'm seeing today, it has become increasingly difficult to get first page listing for a city + keyword combination, if your business is not physically in the city.

The 7 pack is almost off limits and even the results below the 7 pack are becoming highly specific to a locale. In most cases, this makes sense. If a searcher is typing in Brooklynn mechanic, why should a result display Queens or Manhattan businesses?

Make sure you optimize for your business in the city where the address is located first, before chasing after other cities.


And there you have it, a short, but concise list of search elements to keep a close eye on in 2014. And who knows, Google may introduce something that we are completely unaware of at this point. The only constant in SEO is change and this is something we have come to expect in this space.

Zain Shah

Zain has been in the internet marketing space for several years helping businesses of varying sizes increase their online visibility. When he’s not analyzing rankings, traffic and conversions, Zain likes to travel the world and visit exotic new countries. Zain is also the founder and CEO of Search House Media, which is a digital marketing agency.

Search House Media

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3 Responses to “What to Expect from Local Search in 2014”

  1. Mark Ford says:

    Hi Zain

    I've not had any issues with ranking in a City / Town i'm not physically located in.

    I use this method extensively throughout the UK and it's been key to the growth of my business.

    I hope this isn't something that will filter its way down in the future.

  2. Zain says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the comment. Are you referring to the local 8 pack or the first page in general? You don't have to reveal the website, but could you provide the service + geo modifier of the locale you are referring to? I would love to analyze the results. Here in the US, its very rare to see a non-local business show up in the 8-pack. Every now and then I will see non-local businesses under the 8-pack, but this is extremely rare. I guess it depends on the industry in question. If there are few local businesses serving a particular area, then Google may provide nearby businesses to fill the results. Again, I would love to analyze the locale you are referring to.


  3. Jeff says:

    Good, helpful tips here. Further to the local citations bit – WhiteSpark has a Local Citation Finder and a Citation Builder tool which I've used in the past. Pretty handy way to find & build citations IMO.

    Another tip on the responsive web design side (I run a web design shop): responsive websites are amazing, and all we build, but that in combination with high-res images (for retina displays etc) can be a site speed killer if not done properly. Make sure to minimize, cache, etc etc to get your site running as quickly as possible, since site speed factors into local seo rank too.