10 Tools To Help With The Content Creation Process

by Steven Eastlack June 26th, 2015

If there is one thing small businesses don't lack, it's access to a wide variety of tools to aide in the content creation process. The only true way to figure out which tool you enjoy using the most and find works best is to test them out. But, it helps to have a starting point […]

Influencer marketing is more than just another trend in digital media. It continues to gain popularity because it's powerful and its impact reflects on the bottom line of your business. In fact, a report by SocialChorus reveals that . Influencers are consumers who believe in your brand. They play a key role in increasing brand […]

Every blogger dreams to write a post that tugs at their readers heart; a post that goes viral on social networks. But the sad reality of blogging is that even after writing stellar content it is challenging to gain a readership or worse still, to get noticed. Why? One reason is that there is already […]

I am not a morning person. Quite the opposite, actually. Sometimes at night, when everyone else is sleeping, I find myself lost in highly relevant-to-my-life quizzes (Are You More Ina or Jeffrey?) and endless chains of internet roundups. (Nailed it.) These roundup topics range wildly from the immediately relevant 10 of the Best Yoga Poses […]

We are swimming in a sea of content on the web. Ever since Google decreed that content is king, content marketers have been churning it out like their jobs depended on it. Some of it is stuffed with value and oozing with insight yet the vast majority is worthless fluff. This content won't get shared, […]

How to Ask Someone to Write for Your Blog

by Tristan Higbee May 20th, 2015

4 positive response increasing steps to take when inviting guest bloggers

As a marketing professional who believes in the power of big data, I see statistics all of the time. But every once in a while I read something that just makes me stop and go, "…Really??" So recently I set out to document all of those "really??" moments by collecting compelling, action-able, and downright jaw-dropping […]

4 Tips for Landing a Solid Guest Blogging Spot

by Daniel Cassady May 11th, 2015

If you've never considered writing content for other blogs, now's definitely the time to start. The advantages of guest blogging are numerous, and when done right, guest blogging is a publicity gold mine. Think of it this way: writing content on a popular blog is like an amazing quid pro quo. A little bit of […]

If we are to pick one key inbound marketing tactic that most B2B and B2C marketers are betting big on, it has to be content marketing; with 86% of B2B and 77% of B2C marketers saying their organizations use content marketing, it is very popular. But this also means the competition is tough and you'll […]

Improve The Performance Of Your Visuals

by Meghan Cahill April 22nd, 2015

Visual content is downright essential for any digital marketing effort. The rise of platforms like Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram, sites such as Houzz, and even the dreaded wasteland known as Buzzfeed, prove that yes, we like to look. A frequently-cited study states that visual content receives 94% more views. All I know is, if I […]