The Interactive Graphic Roundup: When Roundups & Infographics Had A Baby

Roundup posts are so 2012.

I hate to say it, but they really are.

True, we still see them, and they actually still work in some niches, but by-and-large people are getting exhausted with them. Readers are [...]

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What Is Visual Content Marketing

Text alone isn't enough to attract customers and ensure engagement is high. We're living in the age of visual content marketing. Whether audiences realize it or not, people crave visuals. That's why apps like Instagram are so popular and why [...]

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Create High-Quality Guidelines To Get High-Quality Content

Has your blog’s readership never quite been what you wanted? Or it’s plummeted in the last few months? Perhaps it’s because your guest post inbox has started to look like this:

“Hi Editor,

Having experience [...]

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How To Build A Blog

Building a blog is one of the most important strategies for marketing a business. A blog helps a business connect with its audience and build a relationship with them. According to a study, 55% of small businesses have blogs for [...]

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Setting Up Your Video Content Strategy

It’s no longer a question of whether users prefer video content to other forms of content, especially on mobile sites. Users enjoy short-form content that is easily digestible more than any other content, regardless of the device they use [...]

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How 100 BuzzFeed Posts Debunk 3 Myths About Viral Content

As one of the internet’s most popular publishers, there’s a good chance you’ve read an article or taken a quiz on BuzzFeed. The digital publisher has made a name for itself with it’s quick wit and playful content [...]

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Famous Content Marketers Tell How They Generate Ideas


Content marketing is a powerful way for organisations across all sectors to attract and retain an audience – and ultimately drive profitable customer action. Through the strategic and targeted distribution of regular high quality content, businesses can connect and build [...]

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Are You Guilty Of Allowing Good Content To Rot?

Updating old blog content is an interesting online marketing tactic. It doesn’t require a lot of hard work - unlike creating new content from scratch - and it brings a lot of benefits to the table.

The only [...]

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Multi Armed Bandits & A/B Testing: Which Is Better


A/B testing is the industry standard for any digital activity aimed at increasing conversions or doing the best for your audience. Whether it’s about websites, email campaigns or in-app communication: everyone says, “Don’t forget to A/B test!”

But [...]

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A Framework For Assessing The Impact Of Your Blog On Company Sales


Content has long been hailed the king. With blogs being the first home to content, they are the vehicles that drive online marketing.

The overall impact of a blog, in terms of the social value it generates, is [...]