What These Goofs With 5 Billion Video Views Can Teach You

Here on Search Engine People you can read articles from some the most knowledgable video and search engine marketers in the world. There are real insights which can actually help you get more views, subscribers, and better search rankings.

But how [...]

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How To Stop Worrying & Love Your Blog

OK, so you have been told that you must write a blog for your company website, but you have the constant nagging questions at the back of your mind - is it worth it, do I have time? Well, [...]

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Think Outside the Text: How to Diversify Content for Better Visibility

Content is king. The phrase is old, but it still captures the essence of online marketing. Many marketers still focus largely on text content when they see that phrase. In reality, visual content is much more effective and more [...]

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9 Tips For Finding Killer Blog Topics

When I first started my blog I never thought it would be easy. I knew a lot of work was ahead. But when I considered the challenges I never thought just coming up with fresh topics was going to [...]

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7 Ways To Turn Your Employees Into An Army Of Content Creators

In a digital world where Content is considered to be king, you need to build up an army to ensure your kingdom’s safety and well-being. If your kingdom is your company blog, then how could you mobilize a [...]

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Content Marketing Best Practices For 2016

A popular misconception is that content marketing its all about blogging. While blogging is certainly an important and effective component of content marketing, it is not the only one. It may not even be the best way to reach your [...]

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4 Top Visual Content Methods For Engagement

With today’s Internet average user getting distracted in as little as 8 seconds and having merely 50 milliseconds to form a first impression, marketers need to design attention-grabbing content that can keep them engaged longer.

Viral-bait-esque, listed posts [...]

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Create Winning Content: 5 Reasons You Need To Stalk Your Competitors

You know the tasks that stay on your to-do list for months? The kind that, when you enter the office on a Monday, you say, "I WILL get it done this week" and six months later it's still pending? [...]

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Unlocking The Power Of Local Content To Drive Engagement And Increase Revenue

When it comes to local SEO, creative local content is one of the best tools to get people engaged with a brand or business. A business's content marketing strategy should include the consistent production of various types of local-focused content. [...]

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11 Ways to Come Up With Great Content Ideas When You've Run Out

Feel like you're finally out of great content ideas? Don't worry, we've all been there! One of the biggest challenges of writing content for any readership is figuring out just what to write about. This is why blogging is such [...]

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