How SEO Copywriters Should Deal With Word Count Worries

"For Google an article has to be 500 words long" -- "no, 200 is OK" ... No... or is it? Expert writer Mandy Boyle sheds lights on SEO copywriting and word count
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Which Pages Receive The Most Internal Traffic [Google Analytics]


What we're looking for is to also answer the question "how to see which pages/posts receive the most traffic". A little bit like finding popular landing pages.

E.g.: you have a site with 1000 pages that link liberally [...]

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How To Build The Framework For Brand Storytelling


Stories are at the heart of every brand, which is why effective storytelling is crucial for engaging target audiences. Even beyond engagement, it is the most effective way to earn your prospects' trust, and by extension, their business. [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About Periscope

In case you've managed to avoid all the hype over the last ten months, Periscope is a live video streaming app available for IOS and Android in which users create live broadcasts or 'scopes' which other people can [...]

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Content Re-packaging: How To Finally Make Your Content Strategy Work

We live in a crazy world... We live in the world where everything has already been written and it's impossible to be the first to break any news or simply write about anything.

How do you make your content [...]

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What Is This Storytelling You Talk Of?

An abject body sits alone, hunched over his keyboard, rattling out yet another listicle. The keys chatter, slightly loose from their fittings after years of digital abuse.

The pixels flicker, lighting up one character at a time. 10 Things You [...]

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4 Simple Ways To Apply Storytelling To Marketing

Once upon a time....

This is perhaps one of the most stimulating sentences we grew up with. It meant something exciting was going to be told to us which was going to transport us to another world. A bed time story [...]

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How to Write About Something You Know Nothing About (& Sound Like a Pro)

Copywriters are often asked to write blogs, eBooks and web content on subject areas we know next to nothing about. It's then up to us to become experts on a topic very quickly... or at least sound enough like experts [...]

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The Ultimate Video Marketing ROI Cheat Sheet (Part 2)

"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell." Seth Godin

When you publish a textual blog post, you can tell how engaging it is through comments, social sharing, bounce rate and so forth.

Yes, [...]

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11+ Tools To Track Content Engagement

Do people really care about your content? It used to be that you could tell how people felt because they would tell you by commenting on your blog, but many blogs find that comments are declining and even turn comments [...]

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