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How To Get Maximum Profit From Your Google Analytics + Adwords Connection


So, you've linked your Google AdWords and Google Analytics Accounts so you can see campaign data in GA. Setting up the link wasn't so bad - but what are you going to get out of it that you couldn't [...]

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Ways to Gather Start-Up Analytics (And Use Them)

The first months and years of your start-up will likely be wrought with ups and downs. You’ve probably prepared for some level of inconsistency, but there’s a way to make sure you make the best decisions at every [...]

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How To Track Social Button Clicks On Your Site Using Google Analytics

Social media is huge right now. And website owners have taken advantage of that by integrating like and share buttons on their websites which helps users share content faster and easier.

As a website owner, you always want to make sure [...]

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Which Pages Receive The Most Internal Traffic [Google Analytics]


What we're looking for is to also answer the question "how to see which pages/posts receive the most traffic". A little bit like finding popular landing pages.

E.g.: you have a site with 1000 pages that link liberally [...]

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How To Get Actionable Takeaways From Pinterest Analytics

On Tuesday the 12th March 2013, Pinterest posted an article with an announcement that many marketers had been waiting for, for a very long time. Oh, How Pinteresting! revealed that Pinterest would be introducing web analytics, allowing users to gather [...]

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Google Analytics Insights For Content Creators

Content has become a key piece of most consumer and B2B websites, with companies investing significant dollars in user friendly content to drive SEO performance, and customer engagement. Providing value to customers, and ensuring the investment is worthwhile can be [...]

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The Ultimate Video Marketing ROI Cheat Sheet (Part 2)

"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell." Seth Godin

When you publish a textual blog post, you can tell how engaging it is through comments, social sharing, bounce rate and so forth.

Yes, [...]

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How To Get Data For A Specific List Of URLs In Google Analytics

When running a campaign, you would want to track performance of campaign pages. When optimizing a website, you will need to evaluate performance of a content category on your site or a set of pages. There are a couple of [...]

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Website Analytics: Plugins That Provide Post Stats

When I built my first WordPress website, and I am using the word "built" liberally, I was encouraged by how many plugins could support the goals I had and what I wanted to do. But these days, the market offers [...]

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Get Insights From Your Site Analytics

Having analytics is one thing; knowing how to interpret them is quite another. Here are a few ways that you can gather actionable insights from the SEO analytics that you pay for or gather from your free service.
Data Points
You can [...]

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