3 Easy To Implement Google Tips For Local Businesses

by Martha Vasquez June 15th, 2015

Local SEO puts your business in front of potential customers ready to hire or buy services like yours within your geographical area. I will teach you three tips that help you gain visibility in search engines. These tips are extremely easy to implement and will give your business great online exposure. 1. Claim Your Business […]

I'm going to share a SEO tool that I personally use to help identify the ideal page to work on to improve ranking for specific keywords. After you've completed keyword research and uncovered the top words and phrases that you want more organic visibility for the next step is to determine the best pages to […]

Where And How To Build Links in 2015

by Barrie Smith May 27th, 2015

With Google penalising websites with bad backlink profiles and 'spammy' link building tactics, it is important to steer clear of any underhand methods that put you at risk. In 2015, link building should all be about creating relationships, PR and increasing the authority for your brand. You may have noticed in several industries that searches […]

Outsourcing Marketing Without Losing Your Voice

by Unmana Datta May 13th, 2015

Once you give the reigns of content, marketing, branding, or social media out of hand, how do you ensure your company's brand,voice and style aren't compromised?

Look at marketing ideas another way and you have a better understanding of what search tries to accomplish.

Look at search another way and you have a better understanding of marketing.

We often focus our SEO efforts on the long-term with an "always on" approach. However don't over-look SEO when planning out your seasonal marketing campaigns. If planned out well, SEO could be your lowest hanging fruit. Where To Focus Start with looking at the year ahead. Most marketers know key events or promotions that will […]

59 SEO Link Building Experts To Follow on Twitter

by Matt Janaway April 28th, 2015

Not all of these people label themselves as link builders. Some are rebranded as content marketers. Some lean more towards SEO. Fact is, these people not only know how to get the best links; they can get the best links — and they're not afraid to share how it's done. I won't (shamelessly) include myself […]

A1 Website Analyzer is a powerful SEO audit website crawler that installs on your computer like regular software. It can extract all technical and on-page information you need to perform a complete audit. It doesn't require any running subscription to keep functioning. At SEP it's our go-to tool when the going gets tough. SEO Spider […]

5 Small Budget Traffic Tactics That Work Wonders

by Barrie Smith April 16th, 2015

Do you run a small business? Or how about a startup? You have seen the Google page 1 results for your business keywords and now you dont know where to start. Perhaps you feel like investing your entire limited budget into pay-per-click in hope it will get you off the ground. What if I told […]

What Is (A) Nofollow? Nofollow is an indication that can be added to a link to tell search engines you recommend they not follow that link. Basically to tell them not to pay attention to that link at all. In practice search engines do follow the link but in most cases remove that mention of […]