How To Get Back Into SEO After Being Away

We all know the SEO/SEM industry is fast paced. Go on maternity leave, short term disability, or a sabbatical, and you come back to a whole new industry. New tools, algorithms, and 'Google laws' sprout up on a regular basis. [...]

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Study The Competition To Rank Higher In Organic Search

Everyone wants to rank higher in search results than their competition. One of the best ways to achieve this is to stay on top of how the competition is doing online. What are they doing right and how they are [...]

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How To Do Money Making Semantic Keyword Research

Every few months we hear of a new hurdle Google throws in the way of SEO practitioners. A challenge, a catch-me-if-you-can of sorts. Yes, I refer to the inevitable updates to Google's algorithm that every online marketer lives in dread [...]

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Finding Pages With Duplicate Or Thin Content Using A1 Website Analyzer

The larger and older the website you're working on, the harder it becomes to find duplicate content and thin content.

Add external duplication to (too much) internal duplication and your site can be demoted or even completely filtered out in search [...]

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21% of Canadians Would Never Buy From An American Retailer [Study]

Here at Search Engine People, we're always curious about how consumer habits differ between Canada and the United States - and how our clients can take advantage of this information. As part of our ongoing study into shoppers' willingness to [...]

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5 Points Not To Overlook In A Technical SEO Audit

How well prepared are you for a technical site audit?

Here are some here are 5 points not to miss.
1. Take Mobile Optimization To The Next Level
Mobile is critical for your business. More than half of the search queries that Google [...]

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15 Quick Ways to Check The Health of Your SEO Program


If you are running an SEO program, you are in for a long haul. Sometimes, it takes from 6 months to a year to see a slight improvement in online visibility attributable to SEO efforts. You do not need [...]

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5 Ways To Use Pinterest For Keyword Research

Any marketer trying to sell something or get an article read cannot afford to ignore Pinterest. The social bookmarking platform is fast competing with Google as it becomes the number one visual search engine. But unlike Google, Pinterest users are [...]

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15 Factors to Consider When Prioritizing Which Keywords to Target

Blindly picking the most popular keyphrases might help your site get some attention and boost your 'locker-room metrics', but it won't bring in viable prospects who are ready to hand over their credit card information.

In other words, traffic alone has [...]

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What Is "Natural Link Building"

Links and link building continue to be an essential part of a website’s ranking in search engines. Many of us know by now the importance of links and good links are for our websites and businesses.

Some will also [...]

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