5 SEO Wins to Boost Your Website’s Traffic

What’s your New Year’s resolution for your business? Expand your customer base? Increase the number of sales? Increase the number of returning customers?

How about increasing the traffic to your website? That way you have a bigger audience to sell too, [...]

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HTTP Status Codes & Technical SEO

HTTP codes received much attention in 2016, most notably from tech leaders at Google. The search giant’s attempt to migrate the internet from HTTP to HTTPS has actually changed HTTP redirects impact on SEO ranking.

Website migration and performance upgrades no [...]

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White Hat Link Building Tactics In 2017

Despite Penguin wreaking destruction on sites with shady backlink profiles, the humble hyperlink remains one of the most fundamental elements of any digital marketing campaign. In this guest post for Search Engine People, I want to look at [...]

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What Businesses Can Learn From Restaurants

When it comes to business marketing, there are several things we can learn from restaurants and how they’ve evolved over time. As business owners and managers, it is our responsibility to grow our businesses by utilizing effective marketing [...]

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5 Content Marketing Trends That Will Change SEO In 2017

Maybe I’m biased but if there is one thing I can predict with 100% accuracy, it’s this: content marketing will become even more important in 2017.

You’ve seen this first-hand: businesses are investing more and more in creating and [...]

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“People Who Bought This Also Bought” – Related Keyword Searches Unraveled

I was in a bakery last weekend. Placed on the shelf above the birthday cakes, they had confetti, candles, and snow sprays. It seems obvious that anyone buying a birthday cake is also likely to buy confetti and [...]

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Mobile-First Indexing & Mobile Friendliness: What You NEED to Know

Google has been providing us a heads up for many years about the importance of mobile friendliness, so it should not have come as a surprise when Google announced that it is shifting its search index to use the mobile [...]

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Getting Things Done In A Large Company

Getting things done in a large company can be complicated. It does not matter if you manage just SEO or responsible for the whole site; if you just joined a global company or contracting for one. You will [...]

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User Friendly On-Page SEO: A Short Guide

On-page SEO is all about how well your website responds to Google ranking factors. And by your website, we mean exclusively your website – everything from your URL and your metadata, to your content, keywords and images.

What's beautiful about good [...]

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9 Reasons Not To Use Rankings As Your Google SEO KPI

Google has made a lot of changes over the years. And despite the fact that some of these changes have been labelled as furry cuddly animals (Pandas and Penguins), the changes have been anything but cute. For many, many companies, [...]

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