4 Tips for Landing a Solid Guest Blogging Spot

by Daniel Cassady February 4th, 2011 


If youve never considered writing content for other blogs, nows definitely the time to start. The advantages of guest blogging are numerous, and when done right, guest blogging is a publicity gold mine.

Think of it this way: writing content on a popular blog is like an amazing quid pro quo. A little bit of content goes a long way, and a solid guest post on a popular blog will increase the traffic, comments and audience of your own online journal.

So, how does one land a one-off (or regular) gig at a prominent blog? Check out these steps to pick up that great, prestigious guest spot.

Get your own house in order

guest-checkAt the very start, get your own blog in tip-top shape. Look at your content. Does it deserve real estate on another blog? Without top-notch content on your own site, how can you expect other bloggers to get pumped about you writing for them?

If you take inventory and your blog content is less than dazzling, its time to kick things up a notch. Fill your front page with clean, crisp and interesting posts. Show your potential host that youre not just a great writer, but youre responsible enough to write on a regular basis.

As a deal-closer, razor-sharp content and frequent posting is paramount. If you can show potential host bloggers that youre the real deal, theyll feel comfortable-and optimistic-about you writing for them.

Do your homework

There are a baffling number blogs out there, and the blogosphere is expanding by the day. To find the best spot, where do you even begin? Take a page out of Father William of Ockhams notebook: the simplest solution is often the best one.

The most basic way to start is to do a Google search that combines the topic you want to write about, plus the words guest blogger or guest post. For instance, if you love comic books and want to write about them, your Google search would be: comic books blog guest post. See what comes up and go from there.

Another idea is to scope out blogs you already like or read on a regular basis. Bloggers are just like anyone else: they go on vacation, attend to sick family members, and take time off to work on other things. If your favorite blogger says theyre going to be AFK for a while, offer to share the load. Bloggers are a busy breed by nature, and most would not mind some time off.

Get Involved

To show your interest in that prized blog you want to write for, comment positively on the sites posts. Tweet up the blogs content. Like it on Facebook, Stumble it, or do other things to show your love. Dont be creepy about it, just show youre paying attention.

Diving head first into your target blogs community is also a great way to glean important info. In other words, before you ask for a guest spot, know who youre talking to, who their audience is, and where you fit in the grand scheme of things.

Write as if youve landed the gig

Even if your regular retweets and witty comments have caught the attention of a blogger, dont assume youre guaranteed a guest spot. If it were that easy, you wouldnt need this tips sheet to guide your quest. 

A great way to prove that youre a pro and not just a crazy person who wants to rant is to write a post meant for your target blog. Once youve written something that follows the blogs tone, style and substance, send an email with the copy asking the blogger if theyd like publish it as a guest post. Make sure you include links to your own blog in the email.

Even though crafting a post takes time, the old saying a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush applies in this situation. Bloggers are far more likely to quickly read an article and decide to publish it on the spot than engage in an email back-and-forth discussing potential stories or a list of pitches.


In the end, keep in mind that guest blogging is a great way to build your online cred, but getting published isnt the end of your work. Promote your guest post, link back to your own blog and show you can write good stuff, and youll gain traffic, visibility, and higher status in the blogosphere.

Daniel Cassady

Daniel Cassady is a freelance writer and frequent contributor to an Email Marketing Blog run by Benchmark Email.

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2 Responses to “4 Tips for Landing a Solid Guest Blogging Spot”

  1. All good advice, although I can suggest a simpler process:
    1. Find a good blog to post at
    2. Check the recent posts to see what will fit there
    3. Read the posting guidelines
    4. Write the post and submit.

    Worst case, they'll decline it and you'll publish it elsewhere. Nothing lost. You can try again later and eventually succeed.

  2. Gail Gardner says:

    Personally, I really prefer that bloggers let me know they're interested via Twitter or Skype so I can create author access for them if they know how to use WordPress. That way they can better control how their post is formatted and add their own images and links.

    I also want to make sure they know that I encourage links in guest posts and often write intros and a closing call to action if I know the blogger or what they have to offer. All that information is on my contact tab.

    I love guest posts especially when they're from great bloggers!