SEP Runner-up for 2007 Rubber Chicken Award

by Jennifer Osborne January 8th, 2008 

Just a quick post to let our readers know that we here at SEP are especially proud to have co-authored a blog posting (with our good friend Dave Harry aka theGypsy) that placed 2nd for the prestigious Rubber Chicken Award aka 'the Columbo' ... for funniest industry blog post of the year. The results were published at SearchEngineLand yesterday.

2007 Rubber Chicken Award  the Columbo

The post(s) that placed second for the Columbo award were:
1) The First (un)Official Sphinn Awards - Day 1
2) The Sphinn Awards Part 2

Apparently, they were as fun to read, as they were to write!

Again, special thanks to Dave Harry for being the driving force in the process.

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