Sphinner’s Crossword Challenge – Friday Fun!

by Jeff Quipp November 16th, 2007 

I've been playing alot lately with the concept of using fun and humour (Canadian spelling eh) in social marketing and networking. For example:

1) the post earlier this week The (un)Official Sphinn Awards (in conjunction with my good friend Dave from Trail of the Fire Horse Blog ... cool name eh? I'm jealous!).

2) We also ran an SEO Lyrics Contest back in the late spring and early summer

3) and created a series of industry cartoons .

Well, in keeping in line with that whole 'fun' concept, I wanted to push the envelope a little more again, and see if crossword puzzles could be a good tool in the arsenal of social media marketers too. A crossword you say? I know what you're thinking ... how in the world could you possibly use a crossword puzzle as a social marketing tool, or for the benefit of search. Well, here are my thoughts:
a) when used properly, it can be utilized to garner friends in specific industries (see my approach below)
b) it can be used to help establish a sense of community in that regular crosswords can give people a reason to return to a 'community' routinely.

That said, here is SEP's first crossword puzzle, with a heavy slant towards the Sphinn community.

Initially, I had at least one answer for every friend, but the software couldn't handle all the questions, and left a large number of people out. So, for those of you not on this puzzle, don't fret. It was the software ... I promise! I will create a follow up puzzle next week and will incorporate you. I'll also take it one step further. If you're not a friend yet, hook up with me via one of my social networks (connect to my social profiles via the link at the bottom of this post), and I'll try to incorporate you into future crosswords.

Enjoy ... and happy solving!

Other SEO Crosswords found:
a) http://www.ecentralmarketing.com/seo-crossword.html
b) http://www.webconfs.com/seo-crossword.php

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3 Responses to “Sphinner’s Crossword Challenge – Friday Fun!”

  1. Shana Albert says:

    Jeff…. I lovvvvvvvvve puzzles!! And, I love Sphinn, so I am very happy right now!! What a fab idea!! Where did you find the software to do this?!


  2. Jeff Quipp says:

    @ Shana – found it on Google … where else (hehe). All kidding aside, http://www.eclipsecrossword.com, and its amazingly easy to work with. Glad you're enjoying it. I'm not certain whether you're in this weeks or next weeks (honestly the software decided). Thanks again Shana!

  3. Aerosmith says:

    Great I like puzzles, This looks difficult but I am curious if I can solve this one. I have tried this but didn’t get much time to spend on, I will try this later today, I guess if I can finish this when I start, I always enjoy puzzles.