3 Steps To Bootstrap Your Facebook Ads

Facebook gives you excellent possibilities to acquire customers at a very low cost. With more than 829 million of daily active users, most of your customers are probably looking at ads there everyday.

Facebook Ads' options for both Targeting & Creative can empower you to deliver your message and to create a compelling ad that will bring you a steady flow of customers.

Ready to start? This article will give you a quick grasp of how Facebook Ads works and how you can use them for your own business.

1. Who Is Your Target Audience?

When you run Paid Advertising, the most important thing is the audience you're targeting. You need to find the right fit between your value proposition and your audience if you want to be successful.

Lets say you're selling high-end cars, what would happen if a teenager sees your ad? Would they be a potential customer? Probably not.

Facebook gives you targeting options ranging from what people like to what they've seen on the web. Use these options in order to reach the perfect audience for your products.

Screenshot 2014-08-13 14.53.52

It's common that 90-95% of websites visitors don't purchase on their first visit. You can set Facebook Ads to show ads to those visitors. Retargeting is a good start-off point for Facebook Ads.

Take care of your audience. You absolutely don't want to show the wrong message to the wrong people. It takes time to figure out the right targeting, but once you get it, you'll see your conversion cost decrease.

2. Get Your Creative Right

The Creative is the first thing your target audience sees from your business. You want to convey your Value Proposition in a compelling and interesting way. Lets see how you can nail this part.

Screenshot 2014-08-13 15.02.20

The image is the first thing consumers will see; it needs to attract their eye. More on Image design on: 6 Facebook Ad Image Best Practices that will send your CTR to the Moon

The next step is to write a compelling headline & text for your ad. Include a CTA and try different copy to increase your ads effectiveness.

One thing you must keep in mind is that your ad should fit your value proposition. If you promise the moon to users, they'll click. If you cant deliver it, you paid for nothing.

3. Landing Page

Once people click on your Ad, you should send them to a landing page designed for the purpose of your ad.


Avoid sending people to your homepage as they could miss the point of why they clicked on your ad.

Your landing page should clearly present the Value Proposition of your service along with a clear Call to Action.You can read more on Landing Page Best Practices

Depending on the kind of service you're selling, users may not yet ready to buy. In this case, one good practice is to give away a free resource (e.g. ebook) in exchange of their email address.

Bonus: 4. Monitor & Experiment

Getting your campaigns up & running is only the start of your paid acquisition strategy. You already did all the hard work: get started.

Start by constantly monitoring your metrics in order to rapidly understand what is working and what's not. You don't want to waste money on Ads that don't work.

Business is all about making a margin, right? So be sure that your Conversion Cost is low enough that you can make a profit on the customer that you acquire.

Frequency is the number of times users see an Ad on average. If you don't want to annoy your users, try to keep your frequency low. You can design several ads that will rotate to the same audience.

Last but not least, you need to experiment if you want to be successful with Facebook Ads. Experimenting means that you can test different Targeting & Creative (read Image, Headline & Copy) in order to optimize your campaigns over time.


Go get them now. You just got a great quick start guide into how to create a PPC campaign on Facebook Ads.

The next thing you've to do is to create your campaign and to enjoy a steady flow of new customers every month.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and results in the comment. Let me know if you have any question or suggestion.

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