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How frequently do you write blog posts knowing that they've got a very limited shelf life, or post a news post knowing it'll be out of date in a months time?

All the time right? Then why not make the links garnered by those posts work for for you? A 301 redirect is the best way to do so!

Well, now there's a quick and easy solution for the more non-technical amongst us. SEP has developed a 301 redirect plugin for WordPress.

What Does It Do?

This plugin permits you to:

  1. easily 301 redirect any blog post or page (future or past) to any other post or page (internal or external site) by merely entering the url to redirect to.
  2. choose a specific time and date to have the redirect occur

When to Use:

  1. when the information in the post has a limited shelf life, and provides no value after the fact
  2. when you dramatically improve an existing post, and want previous less extensive posts to support the ranking of the new post
  3. when a post does not rank for the desired terms, redirecting and combining the link power of more than one post may secure the desired rankings.

How to Get it?
Simple .... merely download the file from here http://www.searchenginepeople.com/tools/wp-301redirect.zip

How to Install it?
Here's a great guide to installing WordPress plugins ... How To Install a WordPress Plugin

How To Use it?
Simple ... enter the date you need the redirect to occur on, and the page/site you want the specified page redirected to. Voila ... done!
301 Redirect WordPress Plugin

The plugin is free of charge so go ahead and try it. You may want to bookmark this page though as we'll make updates to the plugin via this page. Now ... feel free to try it!


version francaise

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