Lots of businesses are now seeing the power of international geo-targeting for their offerings, creating sub folders and designing landing pages for each market. Apple.com do a great job of this with a huge list of targeted subfolders, all created to market to that specific country.

brazil dubbed
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of the universe
Though companies are getting to grips with international SEO, very few tend to set up international social accounts and are missing out on strong marketing channels. China and Russia are the obvious regions worth exploring, both having rapidly expanding internet user growth and social media penetration. While Brazil has been dubbed "the new social media capital of the universe" with an estimated 79 Million people actively using social media. Though Facebook is the largest network in the world (as seen below), many countries have their own social networks with millions of users and open to Western brands and social media advertising.


Below is our guide to social media platforms in countries outside of the US with strong social media penetration.

United Kingdom

According to Office for National Statistics, Social networking is an increasingly popular activity in the UK with half the adult population actively using a social platform. This degree of popularity is illustrated by ONS' European survey results which reveal that the UK is one of the leading countries across the EU in terms of the take-up of social networking. The UK has the second highest proportion of social networkers in the EU - this is true for both social networking in general and social networking via a mobile device.

Below are the top social media platform in UK:

  • Facebook - Its growth period has clearly come to an end, with Comscore reporting an end of december 2013 user base of just over 31M. Although there are still approximately 2.5 million 13-17 year olds using the site. The largest demographic remains the 25-34 year olds, with just under 26% of all users falling into this age bracket.
  • Twitter - Twitters outgoing CEO announced a figure of 15m users in the UK last September. Growth remains steady with an estimated 15M users by the end of 2013. 80% of Twitter users in UK are active on mobiledevices
    , the majority of these likely to be Smartphone users.
  • LinkedIn - LinkedIn, the business network had 10M+ active users in the UK by the end of 2013.
  • Pinterest - One of the biggest growers. Pinterest's growth has been steady in the UK from 200,000 users 2011/early 2012 to over two million, at July 2013.
  • Instagram - Instagram also continues to show good growth, with 200 million global users in late 2013