ammon In what to me amounts to the high impact SEO story of the year, Ammon Johns has announced that he is stepping down as an administrator and moderator of Cre8asite Forums.

Ammon Johns (1966) is a household name in the SEO community. Active in SEO and SEM since 1997, Ammon was one of the first proponents of the holistic approach which has ROI instead of "just" high rankings as its goal. Instead of sending more visitors to a site (the classic SEO model), Ammon worked to send qualified traffic where "every single one of them is a genuine, prequalified sales prospect".

In this model where rankings, site and site impact are all considered, Ammon thus also aided in converting visitors into customers.

Active on several forums Ammon has been a moderator, and later administrator, at Cre8asite Forums for almost 5 years. In that position he has influenced the SEO/SEM industry and many within it. As he says, "more than a few people have been kind enough to name me as one of their early inspirations. Many of those in turn have gone on to inspire others and so it continues. Knowledge really is the one thing where the more of it you share out, the more you have to share."

In my time learning about SEO from Ammon I've come to respect him as someone who leads the way not with hard answers but by volleying back hard questions.

Thank you.

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