Just read a post at WMW that includes the following statement. Apparently with Smart Pricing, if you have multiple sites, and one of them performs badly, it will lower your earnings not only for that 1 site, but for all sites in the account. Now, this has me wondering if I should test this out. Back before Smart Pricing took effect, Adsense was very good for my bank account. Since then, the amount I receive per click is truly laughable. Like many others, I suppose, I have Adsense on a large number of my sites. Only a few of the sites bring in the bulk of the income, while most of them bring in negligible amounts. If I were to remove Adsense from those sites, and leave them only on my "important" sites, I wonder if the the EPC would skyrocket back up or not? I may decide to take the time to test it out and if I do, I will report back on the results. If anyone has already tested this, please email me and let me know what happened. You can read the thread regarding this over at www.webmasterworld.com/forum89/10045.htm.