Media Kit for blog: How to create one for yours


Being as little as a start-up blogger, you can have your own media kit if you are really serious about your blog and want to reach certain goals " monetary or non-profit " through it.

If media kit designers are out of your reach, dont worry. Read this article and know how to create a media kit for your blog.

Design And Format

Many successful businesses own interactive media kits. They are way too expensive and dont guarantee success after all. So, you can choose between power point and pdf format to make life easy.

For the design, take a clue from your blog. Blog and media kit should complement each other. But you should not go for intricate flashy design unless you are a designer and blog is your marketing tool. Focus should be on the content.

Whats In Content?

For you media kit you must take care of these 4 basic facts.

1. Branding " If you want to leave a lasting impression on your followers branding is an effective tactic. It is not easy. But if you have a logo or particular color scheme for your web page; follow the same for your media kit too. It will really look like an extension to your blog.

2. Tag line " This is the punch line which should face of your blog. It should ideally flash what you are doing. Make it leaner and sleeker. You punch line should never overburden reader with explanations and elaborations.

3. Explanation " Here you will get time to talk in-depth. This is, in fact, extension to your punch line. Talk in details on your work and objectives. This is also the space where you must explain how you want to add value to others business. In case you have non-profit goals, talk about social implications.

4. Statistics " Nobody can stop us from ideating and pure dreaming. But people care about our thoughts only when they think we are capable enough to carry the task. And nothing shows off your capability better than numbers. State your site statistics.

Those who have just started should not have much to talk about. But you should still post whatever you have achieved. Common site statistics could be periodic traffic, unique visitors, bounce rate, page ranks and so on. Dont try any paint job. That might boost impression initially, but wont take time to collapse.

Media Kit Content Order

You must follow an order to give media kit a disciplined look. Here youll get a basic outline which you can copy.

1. Blog name comes first, followed by the domain name.

2. Tag line

3. Branding related stuffs

4. Stretch your tag line with detailed talks

5. If you have a team, talk on them in brief

6. Audience demography


8. Search engine statistics and other SEO related parameters

9. Other achievements, if any.

10. Contact details

Now, its time to act. Create a media kit for your blog. Even if you dont see any help, it wont do any harm.

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