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How To Engage Visitors On Your Website

Getting people to your site via search is relatively easy. Getting them to stay on your site is a bit harder. Turning those visitors into customers and finally enthusiastic evangelists for your brand -- that takes a well thought out user experience. The 5 points mentioned in this article get you familiar with the groundwork you need to cover in order to make these things happen.

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How Much Information Does An Effective Lead Capture Form Ask?

Creating a good and compelling landing page is just half the work done. You have convinced the lead to enter your shop and take a look into your products and offerings. You have captured the false flank but the battle is yet to be won. Depending on the context of your product, your lead capture forms becomes a deciding factor.

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Online Marketing Needs More than SEO to Succeed

While SEO is one of the most important things you can do to help your online business grow and succeed, it is only one piece of the puzzle. SEO, in conjunction with content marketing and social media marketing, form the cornerstones of a strong Internet marketing campaign. While focusing on one or two disciplines is good, integrating all three is much more valuable in the long run.

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Build a Competitive Affiliate Program

With thousands of merchants on the major affiliate networks, chances are that most vertical niches are represented. Affiliates active in these verticals will only look at a new merchant based on several criteria: trust or personal relationships with the manager, higher commission and proof of higher conversion compared to competitors.

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