Its true! Matt McGee and I have had a long time bet who would be the last to join Twitter. Following Michael Gray's session at SMX Social, we both saw the light and mutually agreed to join Twitter. Though in true fashion, we've still got to settle our bet, so we decided to each wager $250 ... and merely change the terms of the contest.

The Borg - Resistance is Futile

Despite all the benefits of Twitter, its still a little bittersweet for me. I liken twitter to The Collective aspect of the Borg in Star Trek. A person can be easily overwhelmed with incoming information. That said ... I've seen the light ... I am now Borg. Resistance was futile!

The Contest:
The contest is very simple; the first to reach 500 followers on Twitter wins. $500 ($250 wagers from each of us) then gets donated to the chosen charity of the winner.

My Charity of Choice:
The charity I have chosen is Tuberous Sclerosis Canada (TSC). A good friend of mine's daughter has the disease, so its a cause near and dear to my my heart.

How Can I Help?
If you're on Twitter, merely goto, and follow me.

In the end, it'll be the winner's charity that ultimately wins. That said ... best of luck Matt! May the best Twitterer win 🙂