The new version is out. The following is a list of what they've improved on.

  • You Can View Image Ads
  • Drag & Drop: Mouse Friendly organization by dragging objects to their desired location.
  • Region & City Targeting: Finally! An expanded version of GEO targeting that allows you to target cities and Regions. The previous version only allowed country targets. Here's a screenshot;

Adwords Editor City Targeting

  • Other Miscellaneous Changes: Keyboard Shortcuts, Delete Multiple Tools, & Add Draft Campaigns via Tab Tool Bars.

There is one change that they however have not changed yet. And I'm sure it would benefit all Adwords Editor Users. It's the "Remember This Password" checkbox. It has been in the editor forever but always grayed out and inactive.

Here's a message to the guys at Google: Next Version please Activate this little feature. It would save people, with a lot of accounts to manage, a great deal of time.

Here's a screenshot of the little feature;

Password Feature