And under the category of not news, Google announced today that is unveiling Universal Search but for the sake of convenience, let's just call it AGATT. (ALL GOOGLE ALL THE TIME.)

Work with me here. Do a search for red roses on Google, not google images. Theses are the results and my, aren't those just about the prettiest durn red posies you ever seen? Click on those results and you go to another Google property, not to the web site from which the flowers image orginated.

Do a search for car crash and there it is, as it's been for months now, a YouTube result and now with pictures!!!

Do a search for car crash news and headlines appear at the top of your search.

Obviously the goal is to monetize as much Google real estate as possible as fast as possible.

My question is what about the user experience? If it's AGATT, maybe it's too small a world, afterall. The Google perspective isn't the only perspective and it's getting more and more disconcerting all the time. And overpopulation has been the downfall of more than one community, society or anthill.

Have a good one.

~The (SEP) Guy