Today's post is about Google. Sure, I could have been a little more descriptive and site its about the Google rollout of its pay-per-action beta test. Pay-per-action. That's just another pretty word for affiliate marketing.

So, Google monetize's organic search with paid search. And then it monetizes paid search and let's face it, GoogleBase and Froogle with Google Checkout and then it monetizes Google Checkout with pay-per-action. And along the way, it's got user behaviour with Google Analytics and marketer behavior with Google Analytics.

So, what's searched, how it's searched, how it's priced and it's market value.

What's left?

Well, GoogleCredit at the GoogleBank. (Where your interest becomes our interest.) Walmart and others have tried it. Paypal has credit services with deferred payment and companies like Bill-Me-Later and Secure Ebill will certainly be exploring the space.

Kidding? Not so much.

GoogleBank is booked by someone other than Larry and Sergei. GoogleCredit well, they own that.

Manufacturing? No margins.

Warehousing? Risky. Just ask

Except that well, they're building all those new server farms and key locations up. Hmmmm.

Let's look at that warehousing distribution model again.

The Google model works in the aggregate. Centralizing it. Then monetizing it. They don't make it. They centralize it.

Suppose they took a page from DHL, who happen to own about a 40% marketshare in International courier and warehousing.

Could that be the real reason they bought the Google Plane?

Talk about yer pilot projects.

Have a good one.

~ The (SEP) Guy