5 Ways to Grow Your Ecommerce Sales This Week

1361277704_4e3f622421_z Do you want to start growing your sales this week? Then come on and take a look at 5 simple tactics you can use straight away.

Email marketing

If you have a list of subscribers, send an email with a hot deal to them. If havent got an email list yet, then you should start. Many good shopping cart packages allow you to collect emails for your list as part of their core functionality. Take a look at Volusion Shopping Cart marketing features, for example.

Heres a few ideas you can use to drive traffic & sales:

  • A game or a contest you organized on your site with your products as prizes.
  • Some cool free content like online video clip to watch or an informative report to download.
  • A sale " everyone loves a sale!

Look at your Analytics

An important action item many online shop owners dont bother with digging into their analytics. Theres a mountain of data there ready to use. Do you have answers to the following questions?

  • What products sell the best?
  • What are the exact paths your customers follow on your site before they buy your products?
  • Which sites do they come from?
  • What are the most profitable keywords that bring the paying customers to you?

Knowing the answers to the above questions and improving on your winning tactics can drastically increase your sales quickly.

Put banners on relevant sites

Every site owner works very hard to get traffic to his site. But what if you could tap into an existing stream of visitors in your specific niche? A simple way is to find sites in your niche and approach them. For example, is there a good blog covering your niche? You may be able to get a banner on their site for a relatively small amount of money and drive a steady stream of highly qualified visitors.

Post your customers' testimonials

Aside from bringing additional bursts of traffic you should always think of improving conversions. One of the best methods to do it is to post some emotionally engaging and enthusiastic testimonials from your existing customers.

Talk to your top customers and request feedback or ask for a review about their experience on your shop and with your products. Ask them to give their photo and permission to use their name. The more real the person behind the testimonial the more credibility it adds to the page.

Use high quality videos

If you want the best conversion rates - put videos on your pages! For example, Interspire Shopping Cart allows you to easily embed YouTube videos right on the product page. You can put both how-to information and customer's testimonials as video clips - both are a great way to boost your credibility and increase peoples willingness to buy from you.

About the Author: Kirsty LaVier

Kirsty LaVier is editor for a leading shopping cart information website.


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